Photo- Chris Squire  ~ YES
Photo Robert Altman - © 2003

Chris Squire ~ YES ~ Arrowfest 2003

     Oct 4, 2003
     Los Angeles
     Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Talk about life in the fast lane...

At the tail end of my workday Thursday October 2nd I received a call from Neal Jenkins of LA's Classic Rock station KCBS' The Arrow. They would really like my photography exhibit to travel hundreds of miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

"Have it ready to ship first thing tomorrow morning and we'll erect it all for the fans first thing Saturday."

Yeah, right. This Herculean task was for their sold out Rock festival- Arrowfest. We're talking about a 70 piece fully framed show which lives in 4 large, heavy crates.

We were to join up with Journey, Foreigner, YES, Cheap Trick and Eddie Money. Since this was totally impossible to pull off Neal and I said "Why not?"

Did not stop moving...had to undo all other commitments; get the exhibit there as well as myself. Yes there were some cliffhangers but pull it off we did.

Hey- it's only Rock 'n Roll.


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