Yo, Rob...

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Yo, Rob. Have I got some suggestions for you!
I am Stephen Watkins
My EMail address is stephen@cybergate.com
Thanks for the nickle Mr.A
Yo, Rob. What, me comment?
I am Ross Matheson (Turtle)
My EMail address is RossM@datastorm.com A 10
Yo, Rob. I, I,... Why... I'm lost.
Other Subject Just surfing thru...
I am Michael Ciha
My EMail address is mciha@worf.infonet.net
Interesting site...
100.7 WZLX - Boston's Classic Rock

Rob, you are too cool.
I enjoyed checking out your page
I am Michael Cannon, WZLX-FM Boston
My EMail address is cannon@wzlx.com
My Homepage's Name is Boston's Classic Rock 100.7 WZLX
Seems like your into classic rock... the classic rock radio station I work for put a home page on the internet in October... you might want to check it out
Michael Cannon, WZLX-FM Boston, MA, USA cannon@wzlx.com

Rob, you are too cool.
I am Victoria Bohannan
My EMail address is victoria@kale.tuc.noao.edu
My Homepage's Name is TheBohannan Family
Yo, Rob. Check, please.
I am Sherry Irish
My EMail address is irish933@uidaho.edu
I've got to figure this stuff out first; then I will.
Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
I am Kate Smith
My EMail address is klsmith@hsv22.pcmail.ingr.com
Thank You!
I am Heather Bickle
My EMail address is heather_bickle@magic.ca
Amazing body of work!
This electronic version of it must have been a lot of work, too.
Great Eye Candy!! Thanks for the treat!
Rob, you are too cool.
I am Mitchell Wilkerson
My EMail address is mitchw@netcom.com
Take my hand, I know the way.
It's a long damn way to Tippararrrrrry.
I am Sandra J. Prow (Medtek)
My EMail address is medtek@bix.com
I already got the Meaning of Life... but I'm still accepting commentaries...
I am Kevin Doyle
My EMail address is drozone@winternet.com
My Homepage URL is http://www.winternet.com/~drozone/ My Homepage's Name is DocOzone's Home (natch...)

Yo, Rob. Big time cool. Nice to see some CONTENT on the net, especially from someone who understands the concept of limited bandwidth. 28.8 is still TOO SLOW. But worth the extra wait to check out some cool photos.

Your pal, -doc-

Hi, Robert!
I am Eric Oesterle
My EMail address is oesterle@cea.edu
My Homepage URL is http://www.cea.edu/oesterle/ My Homepage's Name is Eric Oesterle Hey, this is getting cooler all the time.

[my homepage]
What, me comment?
I am Peter Fierlinger
My EMail address is petef@sirius.com Hey Robert,
I'm a friend of Ben Furstenburg's and I'm here at CEA checking out your home page. Pretty damn cool, I must say. Anyway, back to netsurfing
Check, please, I suppose it's in the mail, huh?!!
I am Steve, the Kodak Kojak
My EMail address is hammers@netcom.com
My Homepage URL is http://sashimi.wwa.com:80/hammers/ My Homepage's Name is Steve Rapport Photography Yo Robert, read about you in the Examiner today. Just adding you to my music & the Net feature for .net magazine, back in the UK.
Keep up the good work - and let me know how to do this Visitor's Book thang, 'cos I've been wanting to do that for ages! Happy New Year,
Your buddy on the Web,
Steve R.
Umm... Who are you?
Neat pages .. I'll have to look at the source : )
I am Laurent Delfosse
My EMail address is delfosse@cs.wvu.edu
Here's a link :)
  • Laurent Delfosse There you are ... who are you again?
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.

    It is stuck to the bottom of Bob Lanier's shoes.
    I am j bullock
    My EMail address is a38jbullock@attmail.com
    My Homepage URL is pk8982.usda.noaa.gov (but not "up" yet)
    My Homepage's Name is OU812



    Walkin' on outta here on my WEBfeet

    I, I,... Why... I'm lost.
    Guess what...I'm a music photographer too! Ha!
    I am Pat Loughnane
    My EMail address is e0190133@brookes.ac.uk
    My Homepage URL is http://www.brookes.ac.uk/~e0190133/hello.html My Homepage's Name is Pat loughnanes home Page (good name eh?) Well I'm a music phtographer by trade so I guess I had to sign the book
    Also I've put a link in my site to this one so I thought I'd let you know.
    Pat Loughnane
    Have I got some suggestions for you!
    Good work!
    I am Dan Duncan
    My EMail address is dunc@well.com
    Good set of links so far, and ain't that what this new direction of publishing is about?
    Umm... Who are you?
    I am Kwyer Free
    My EMail address is kfree@toj.com.jm
    Check, please.
    I'm Maya Cain
    My EMail address is mayacain@well.sf.ca.us
    Robert, Thanks for the lesson,
    Rob, you are too cool.
    Are you gonna sell any of that stuff?
    I am Gibbs
    My EMail address is Timothy.R.Gibbons.@13.nd.edu (*From Rob- Yes Tim, check the first page for info.)
    Rob, you are definitely uncool.
    Actually - make that difinitively uncool.
    I am Bob Roberts
    My EMail address is b.j.whalley@open.ac.uk
    Hi bob - I'm a first time user and I, uh, loved your pages.
    Rob, you are too cool. : )
    I am Mary V. Lum
    My EMail address is mlum@arctic.nsbsd.k12.ak.us
    Write to me! : )
    Nice place, I enjoyed the art as much as the photos!
    I am jesse montrose
    My EMail address is jesse@spine.com My Homepage URL is

    RMA: Jesse also happens to be Web Master for the Alex Bennet Website (a jewel in the crown of radio personalities.)

    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life, yeah,right...
    I am Jerry Griffries http://www.dopig.uab.edu/people/jgriffies/home.html My EMail address is jgriffies@dopig.uab.edu My Homepage URL is http://www.dopig.uab.edu/ and My Homepage's Name is UAB Photography and Instructional Graphics

    Umm... Who are you?
    I am Anders Hjelmtorp
    My EMail address is anders.hjelmtorp@taby.pp.se
    Umm... Who are you?
    What have you done lately?
    I am Eleni Vasilopoulos
    My EMail address is eleni@ted.cs.depaul.edu Are you the same robert altman whose pictures appear in allure sometime? if so, and from what i have seen in your home page, they are great.
    RA: No, not Allure. I used to be on staff at Rolling Stone and San Francisco Magazine and have had my work published in many, many others. Thanks for your kind words.

    fav movies when a man loves a woman
    tap (gregory hines)
    any winona ryder film

    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    Dont forget the seashells.
    I am Kirk Peterkin
    My EMail address is apollo@acpub.duke.edu
    I think the Wizzard of Oz is my favorite movie. Just because everytime I see it I get a different feeling and it is never indifference. Or else it could also be Alive.
    Umm... Who are you?
    I really enjoyed this stroll.
    I am Martin Lewison
    My EMail address is milst1+@pitt.edu uh...
    My Homepage URL is http://info.pitt.edu/~milst1 .
    My Homepage's Name is Martin I. Lewison
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am Robert Furness
    My EMail address is r.fur@interlink.net
    Who are you?
    Who Am I???
    I am John Bartol
    My EMail address is johnb@magnet.com
    Hey, these are ALMOST as good as my photos of the 60s!
    I am Rudy Willis
    My EMail address is rwillis@shelly.polaristel.net
    Hey, these are great photos. We'll have to compare notes some time. I have hundreds of photos of people such as Janis Joplin, Bobby Kennedy, Jim Morrison, Neil Diamond, and many many more. Most never published. I'm trying to get everything worked out for a home page. I'm glad I ran across this one, not only were the photos really great, but it gave me a lot of incentive to get my page going again. Take Care, Rudy
    What, me comment?
    I am Brad Kuhn My EMail address is bk2t@andrew.cmu.edu My Homepage URL is http://www.gsia.cmu.edu/andrew/bk2t/home.html
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am Jonathan Lane My EMail address is baci@shadow.net
    I already got the Meaning of Life. I am Eric Christiansen My EMail address is ericch@wordperfect.com
    ...Looks like you need to take that Montana portrait down, and replace it with a Young-er one.
    RMA: Hi Eric! (Eric Christiansen is one of the all time great ABC Sports Television producers. I also like to think of myself as his friend.)
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life. I am Paul White My EMail address is pwhite@create.com Interesting photos.
    Favorite movies: Too hard to decide, sorry. Thought "Mash" and "The Player", were good, though.
    I, I,... Why... I'm lost. I am Martin R Longstaff My EMail address is 9238585@arran.sms.ed.ac.uk
    short cuts(?) was good.
    I already got the Meaning of Life. Other Subject I quit I am Patrick Wood My EMail address is patrick wood@mindlink.bc.ca Mash!! Good to see your still out there
    RMA: BTW I am not the film director.
    Check, please. Help me to put audio on my own personal page. Way Kool!! I am Vanessa Kaye My EMail address is mhk@ionet.net
    I'm working on my Personal Page right now. I've got all of the *gif stuff down okay, but this audio trick is neat! I clicked view source and saw the text/commands, but where do I get the audio to start with? Are there audio/wave servers out there as there were so many GIF servers????? I CAN'T HEAR YOU! Just kidding... Anyway, I'd sure appreciate the help. Thanx.
    Check, please.
    I am Al Quaglieri My EMail address is alcue@globalone.net
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am Sheldon Frick My EMail address is sheldba@gbn.net
    What, me comment? I think I'll need to come back again later.
    I am Robert J.Luedeka - Now, Knoxville, TN My EMail address is rluedeka@usit.net
    My Homepage URL is Cafe Gourmet Coffees http://www.commerce.com/hays/ My Homepage's Name is http://www.commerce.com/hays/. Come visit. Welcome.
    RMA: Mr. Hays, you are a gentleman with an eye for excellence! ;->
    I have visited your site and appreciate your own fine touch!

    Take my hand, I know the way.
    I am Mats Johansson My EMail address is s94matjo@und.ida.liu.se
    Rob, you are too cool. I am Justin Wiley My EMail address is Justin.Wiley@m.cc.utah.edu
    What, me comment?
    ...let me guess. You inhale. Two words: excellant pics! I am Ken Woo
    RMA: woooo!
    My EMail address is woo@spectra.com Just off the top of my head:
    - Apocalypse Now
    - When Harry Met Sally
    - The Great Escape
    - The Joy Luck Club
    - Young Frankenstein
    - This Is Spinal Tap
    - Casabalanca
    - Pulp Fiction
    - Clerks
    - Slacker
    - The Crow
    - The Longest Yard
    - American Graffiti
    - Always
    - The Player
    - The Killer
    - La Femme Nikita
    - Animal House
    - Jaws
    - Blue Velvet
    - Dead Calm
    - Being There
    - Cinema Paradiso
    This is currently one of my fav sites: VoyagerCo I must stop now. My head hurts.
    RMA: ...and a fine head it is!
    Check, please.
    I am john soulakis My EMail address is jmsst77@pitt.edu
    pulp fiction or any other tarentino film
    Have I got some suggestions for you! Hire my out-of-work-actor brother, pleeze!
    I am Oliver Hagerman My EMail address is osh00@amail.amdahl.com
    "The Player" was really great (nice casting job). I like films that immerse you. I just saw "Goodfellas" which was like that. And "Pulp Fiction" was fantastic (have you seen that yet?).
    My wife and my brother are the movie junkies in the family. But I have a recurring fantasy that I could script, direct, and score a low budget featurette someday.
    Best Regards, -Oliver Hagerman
    Have I got some suggestions for you!
    I am kurt caron
    My EMail address is kcaron@linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us
    You NEED FLOYD PICTURES!!!!!!!!! Nobody can be a true classic rock fan without FLOYD!!!! Zeppelin too!
    RMA: Right you are mon ami. The question is- "How could I be in two places at once, when I was really nowhere at all?"
    What, me comment? You have a nice page!
    I am Sergio Paoli My EMail address is spaoli@fcaglp.fcaglp.unlp.edu.ar
    My Homepage URL is http://www.fcaglp.unlp.edu.ar/~spaoli/
    My Homepage's Name is Sergio Paoli Home Page
    What, me comment? i think this is cool
    I am olsen My EMail address is tom_olsen@radian.com
    a cool stroll through the gallery.
    i like "apacolypse now", "pulp fiction", "casablanca", and "terror express"
    Check, please. I am Monica Riegler
    My EMail address is moriegle@zebu.cvm.msu.edu
    This is so cool!
    Umm... Who are you? Where?
    I am Ian Watkins My EMail address is iwatkins@aol.com
    Take my hand, I know the way.
    This is what makes the WEB worthwhile. Keep it up!
    I am Jim LeDuc My EMail address is jleduc@cahners.com
    Favorite films? Here goes:
    Harold & Maude
    Life of Brian
    Citizen Kane
    And too many more to list...
    I already got the Meaning of Life. It's great. "Enjoy life and be happy"
    I am Wayne Seward My EMail address is seward@eagle.dsr.com
    My Homepage URL is Wayne's World of Magic
    Two of my favorite books:
    Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman
    The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield
    My set of Home Pages
    Rob, you ain't that cool.
    I am christina Robertson My EMail address is croberts@willamette.edu
    kelly's heros
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Check, please.
    I am kathleen cullen My EMail address is kmc9734@is2.nyu.edu
    Check, please.
    I am David C. Fox My EMail address is dcfox@fiat.gslis.utexas.edu
    My Homepage URL is coming soon to a cyberuniverse near you.
    I like your images. I would like to ask you some questions about image protection and copyright issues, if possible, thank you.
    Rob, you are too cool.
    Play it again, Sam.
    I am Michael Kearns My EMail address is mike@mayday.demon.co.uk
    BladeRunner, LA Story - What more ?? 2/24/95 Take my hand, I know the way.
    I am Kream My EMail address is kream@onramp.net
    Highlander is great, what book is that derived from anyone know?
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I'm adding you to Paul's Picks
    I am Paul Barber My EMail address is barbe016@maroon.tc.umn.edu
    My Homepage URL is http://www.umn.edu/nlhome/m028/barbe016/
    My Homepage's Name is Paul's Home Page (including Paul's Picks)
    RMA: Yeeeaah! Thanks Paul.
    The In-Laws
    Rob, you are too cool. I am Bill Clemente
    My EMail address is Clemente@pscosf.peru.edu
    Help! I am inside a Pentium.
    Do you have any pictures of Cat Stevens?
    I am Betsy Goll My EMail address is gollea@pacificu.edu
    Gee, uh, all I can say is that if you have any pictures of Cat Stevens, or know where I can find them, I will be yours forever!
    RMA: Gee Betz I don't. Just think, you were almost mine forever.

    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I am William J. Schauer My EMail address is Tory-o@ix.netcom.com
    Check, please. I am Rick Brody My EMail address is rabman@calon.com
    Check, please.
    I am Lori Burrows My EMail address is lburrows@uoguelph.ca
    My Homepage's Name is under heavy constuction.
    WOW! Just about says it all.
    I, I,... Why... I'm lost. Oops.
    Le Grande Buffe
    Check, please.
    I am J P McMillan My EMail address is JP.MCMILLAN@LATERAL.COMThan
    Thanks so much for sharing these WONDERFULL PICTURES with us!
    Seems like there's something on the WEB that keeps me up past daybreak every night! I started programming computers in 1968. I've been watching the world connect with each other at an ever increasing rate since then.
    WELCOME we've been waiting for you all for such a long time.
    JPMc Aptos, CA 2/28/95-7:38PST
    What, me comment? How do you perpetuate that vacant look?
    RMA: Practice.
    I am Dave Raaum My EMail address is daver@onr.com
    Taxi Driver
    Lion King
    Check, please.
    I am Heather Orr My EMail address is horr@mail.utexas.edu
    Hmmm... This was a very cool bit of internet.
    Favorite movies? MP and the Holy Grail
    Princess Bride
    The Player
    Animal House
    The Blues Brothers
    How's that?
    RMA: That's how.
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    very cool page
    I am Lori Nelson-King My EMail address is lorink@csd.sgi.com
    Fave movies:
    The Player
    Resevoir Dogs
    Hoop Dreams
    Where The Red Fern Grows

    What, me comment? also wik
    I am Matthew J. Funke My EMail address is matthew@sable.adelphi.edu
    my favorite movie is "Monty Python's : Holy Grail"
    watch the beginning credit to understand "also wik"
    Rob, you ain't that cool but all the power to you anyway! I am Stephen Stober
    My EMail address is paulstrand@magic.ca
    Don't ask!
    I am Nick Carruthers
    My EMail address is carruthe@cobalt.middlebury.edu
    My Homepage URL is http://www.middlebury.edu/~carruthe
    My Homepage's Name is Voltaire's damned homepage
    I already got the Meaning of Life. So did you.
    I am Ed Park
    My EMail address is umpark25@cc.umanitoba.ca
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    Other Subject Wonderful ah wonderful! And now a little polka music!
    I am Bill Weir My EMail address is weir@halcyon,com
    Wonderful sight, wonderful taste, wonderful eye!
    Fave Raves:
    The Searchers
    Only Angels Have Wings
    8 1/2
    The Exterminating Angel
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Rules of the Game Citizen Kane
    The Wild Bunch
    The Wizard of Oz
    Help! I am inside a Pentium.
    I am Patrik Andersson
    My EMail address is md3patan@mdstud.chalmers.se
    True lies
    I already got the Meaning of Life. But I had to return it, it was the wrong color.
    I am Laura Lemay, the famous author
    My EMail address is lemay@lne.com

    Your photographs are wonderful -- thanks for sharing them.
    But I think my favourite part of your pages are the little cartoons and dingbats -- its like an online Mad Magazine! If you've got the time to spare for a little textual nonsense, check out my home page.

    And, of course, I feel compelled to plug the book I wrote about HTML while I'm here, because, well, I'm shameless.

    Movies? I'm partial to Disney cartoons and anything dark and stormy.

    RMA: Blush...why thank you Miss Lemay.
    I have just read Laura Lemay's splendid book, 'Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week.' This book covers everything you need to know about publishing your own Web Site, and much more. It is easily readable and it is already the HTML book of choice in the business and art community. Really.

    Check, please.
    I am Jose Carlos A. Ferreira
    My EMail address is si212624@ci.uminho.pt

    Check, please.
    I am Joel B. Langston
    My EMail address is joelmain@astro.ocis.temple.edu
    Star Wars
    Uh, yeah, and all kinds of other neat stuff......
    Well, I'm, uh, here, ya know.

    Check, please.
    I am Leo R Huber
    My EMail address is leohub@telecom.usu.edu

    Help! I am inside a Pentium and i can't get out!
    I am jenn eugene
    My EMail address is eugenej@pacificu.edu
    I need, need, need more images of janis joplin. I'll be blistful and forever in gratitude. by the way . . . my favorite movies are by Quentin Taratino.

    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I am Bruce Shaffer
    My EMail address is bshaffer@ix.netcom.com
    I, I,... Why... I'm lost.
    I am chutton@inforamp.net
    Great place to visit. Keep it up!
    Check, please.
    I am john martin My EMail address is martinj@a1.mscf.upenn.edu
    Favorite movies?
    Definitely M*A*S*H* is in my top ten, but there are so many good movies, that I think I have about fifty in my top ten. I'm surprised that Robert Altman didn't add any stills from his favorite movies.
    Sorry, I don't have any pictures, I'm just learning how to get around and stumbled on this by accident. Cool shots, but I'm not all that into all that celebrity hype.
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    It's not the rumors current baby boomers sell as history
    I am Yaoshiang Ho
    My EMail address is hoding@po.eecs.berkeley.edu
    My Homepage URL is http://www.CSUA.berkeley.EDU/~hoding
    My Homepage's Name is Hoding's Homepage

    Check, please.
    I am Patricia Onderko
    My favorite movie, for some reason, is "Absolute Beginners" with Patsy Kensit and David Bowie.
    That's all.
    Better find a good lawyer Rob.
    I am Alison McKenzie
    My EMail address is mckenzie@lsc.nwu.edu
    hoop dreams
    pretty woman
    Check, please.
    Well Damn! I'M impressed...... nice job, Rob.
    I am Ken Breland
    My EMail address is Ken_Breland@ftl103.racal.com
    The intimate quality of your portraits is striking... How do you get you subjects to relax and not be too camera aware?
    RMA: I think it's 'cause I promise them anything.
    T2, Dune, Forbidden Planet, 2001, Alien, Willow, Dances with Wolves, The Blues Brothers, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones series, and just about anything with Sean Connery in it.
    Pray for divine intervention, you need it.
    Wow, I wish I knew how to do this stuff. Wow! Yes!
    I am Aaron Gaul
    My EMail address is agaul@ksuvm.ksu.edu.
    Star Wars Trilogy (Act like you knew)
    The Hunt for Red October
    Field of Dreams
    Dune (The Worm...Spice. There must be a connection.)
    Indiana Jones Trilogy (Temple of Doom almost made it just two.)
    Point Break
    Mr. Mom (a classic)
    Star Trek 6 (if I had to pick just one.)
    Star Trek 4 (so sue me.)

    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    And it's gonna cost you plenty to get it back. :-)
    I am Henry Richardson
    My EMail address is richardson_henry@tandem.com
    One of the best sites I've seen. I'll keep checking back for new stuff. Thanks!
    RMA....awwwww....thank you!
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I'm there with ya, like it was yesterday!
    I am Tinman
    My EMail address is atinman2@aol.com
    My Homepage URL is www.cks.com
    My Homepage's Name is coming soon to a web site near you.
    "The Player" was great.
    Pret-a- porter (or whatever) --well it had it's moments but overall I'd keep workin on it.
    RMA: So would I if it were my film.
    Check, please.
    I am Stephanie Gardner
    My EMail address is SAG001@BRIDGEWATAER.EDU
    What, me comment?
    I am marsha mcvey
    My EMail address is marsha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu
    tacky horror ones
    I, I,... Why... I'm lost.
    I am Robert A. Muno
    My EMail address is- I wish I knew!
    Looking forward to tank girl. Im a total novice on the Net, A seasoned pro at Traditional Lab photography and decent digital imager so I hope you take that into account when I praise you on the wonderful job you have done with your images.
    Check, please.
    Yo Rob killer shots, where's Jimi?
    I am Chris Tanner
    My EMail address is tanner@pixi.com
    1967 "planet of the apes"
    1982 "the road warrior"
    1984 "the terminator"
    1994 "pulp fiction"
    great pics from the sixties, i was born and raised in san francisco and it brought back good memories.
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    Tu pagina es excelente! Me gusto muchisimo, pero ten cuidado porque ya vengo yo con mis fotos de musica. Hasta luego!
    I am papabreakjaw
    My EMail address is papabreakjaw@asu.edu
    Como agua para chocolate.

    Check, please.
    I am David E. Crutcher
    My EMail address is lhl0036@uabdpo.dpo.uab.edu
    This is a great page!!! I'll be returning often. My favorite Altman movies include my favorite film of all- The Player- tops the list, followed by Nashville and MASH.
    Check, please.
    My EMail address is melvyna@primenet.com chaziics@aol.com
    It's A Wonderful Life
    All That Jazz
    Gremlins 2
    The Princess Bride
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
    The Joy Luck Club
    Like Water For Chocolate
    Little Big Man
    Murder On The Orient Express
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I erased it from my hard drive
    I am Stacy Rosenstock
    My EMail address is r@interport.net
    My Homepage's Name is Terrence Willitts' Home Page
    Highlander, the Star Wars movies, Being There, Red Dwarf (okay, it's only a tv show...

    Neat site! Keep up the good work!

    Oh, yeah, Pulp Fiction, Heavy Metal, and many more.
    Check, please.
    I am Carrie Chipego
    My EMail address is chipegca@wilkes1.wilkes.edu
    Anything with Tom Cruise
    Take my hand, I know the way.
    I am Candace Henderson
    My EMail address is smu.com.edu
    My Homepage URL is ????????????????????????????????????????
    My Homepage's Name is Southern Methodist University
    Breakfast At Tiffiny's

    What, me comment?
    Is 'Petra' really a 'woman'???????????????
    RMA: Yup...Now living in Germany
    We are Megan and Lance
    My EMail address is nabalom@sirius.comB
    "Barbarella" & "The Princess Bride",
    then again "2001" & "Strangers on a Train"
    are fine films too.....
    P.S. What about "The Trip"
    What, me comment?
    VERY nice...
    I am John Gillett
    My EMail address is gillett@tiggr.com
    My Homepage's Name is John Gillett's Home Page
    Check, please.
    Other Subject Amazing Web Authoring, Robert!
    I am Brian Clark
    My EMail address is bclark@magicnet.net
    My Homepage's Name is Brian's Home Slime

    Four Radiation Warnings!!

    This is a massively radioactive site and a fine example of the power of HTML! The Florida Mutants love it and give it a big three thumbs up!!
    RMA: Thanks Brian! Say, should I get a helmut?
    Check, please.
    I am Greg Husak
    My EMail address is greg@ktoekdog.prairie.lakes.com
    You're good!
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo... and dooo beeee dooooooooooooo
    I am Charles Raiteri
    My EMail address is jncer@sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu=jncer@sunset.backbone.olemiss.edu
    Looks like a lot of work, Bob. How do you find the time to still make your movies? (Joke!)
    Check, please.
    Site designer
    I am Mike Bevan
    My EMail address is sladmbv@mis20.msmail.spe.sony.com
    My Homepage URL is not personally
    Loved the tour.
    Photos brought back alot of memories.
    Enjoyed the site design and the juxtaposition of 60's simplicity and todays high technology.
    Keep up the good work.
    Will come back to see what else you may offer.
    Umm... Who are you?
    Take me back to Cooper Union & Early Yippie Days. I was there too.
    I am Michael Langfur
    My EMail address is Mikel41@aol.com
    Now that McNamara fesses up, we may scare 'em even more than before. 'specially with the whole www as a rallying point.
    Thanks for a quick refresher. See ya! I'll be back.
    Zabrisky Point was, until I rented it a couple years back.
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    I am Tammy Preston Boyd
    My EMail address is tpboyd@nmia.com
    Rob, you are too cool.
    This is the best site I've ever visited. Very good job !!!!
    I am Magnus Roman
    My EMail address is magnus.roman@hlk.hj.se
    About movies !
    here is some good ones
    The big blue (by Luc Besson)
    Nikita (by Luc Besson)
    Leon (by Luc Besson)
    One flew over the cockoo`s nest (by Milos Forman)
    Check, please.
    I am Susan Platt
    My EMail address is srp0140@okway.okstate.edu
    My Homepage's Name is Oklhoma State University
    I like your site. The pictures are excellent. Even though I was born in 1964, I still consider myself a child of the Sixties!
    Check, please.
    Enjoyed the site, bro'.
    I am Stephen Kyle Tapp
    My EMail address is tapp@cris.com
    My Homepage's Name is Stephen (Kyle) Tapp's Home Page
    Escape from New York
    the Thelonious Monk documentary
    The Picture of Dorian Gray.
    Great picture of Grace Slick before she got so much mileage on her.
    Thanks for the memories; you must have more!
    RMA: You bet I do. The problem is do I have more time? ;-)
    I am Akbar Shah
    My EMail address is a.shah@bba.d400.de and a.shah@tu-bs.de
    My Homepage URL is http//www.tu-bs.de
    Too busy with my computer to look at movies.
    Check, please.
    I am Dennis Martelli
    My EMail address is dante@dorsai.org
    My Homepage's Name is dorsai.org
    New Net user - be kind - haven't seen any pics yet, but plan to.
    Fav Flic? Hmmmm.....
    WESTERN - The Long Riders
    COP/CRIME - Thief & True Romance
    ACTION - Die Hard Eye
    Sci/Fic - Terminator 2
    ROMANCE - A Tale of Two Cities (Ronald Coleman) & Sid & Nancy
    FANTASY - The Last Starfighter
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I am B. D. Palormo
    My EMail address is AlsPal@aol.com
    My Homepage's Name is NMSU
    Apocalypse Now
    What, me comment?
    I am Stefan Blixt
    My EMail address is dat93sbl@ludat.lth.se
    My Homepage's Name is Stefan Blixts Hemsida
    Nice pictures...nice scroll in the titlebar of my netscape...
    I came here through Bob Andersons Spider, so I thank him I thank my mother...the crew...
    I like movies, and since it was mentioned, yes, I like 2001 very much and I've heard the mermaids singing.
    I've also translated some They Might Be Giants songs into esperanto check out my homepage!
    RMA:Tak tak Stefan!
    Check, please.
    the younger skinnier elvis
    I am Scott Padrick
    My EMail address is scottpad@rain.org
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    (It's kinda stupid, but hey I got to get my moneys worth right)
    Cool pictures, I thought of taking some (stealing with my right mouse button), and making cool wallpaper for my computer, but then my concious kicked in, so I didn't.
    My favorate movie of the '80's is 'The Lost Boys' the '90's would be the quite trendy 'Forrest Gump' besides that, I liked 'Bonny and Clyde', and 'Casablanca' and 'Apocalypse Now' stand out as film favorates.
    Anything else? Feel free to write, I like email too, even if you could be my father, I appreciate your culture as well as my own X generation styles.
    RMA: XXX to you Scott...Father
    Check, please.
    I am Stretch
    My EMail address is ckkauai@aloha.net
    Just a few words of thanks . . .
    I wanted to spend some time here to see how these wonderful pages work so well. I'm in the computer business and have an interest in such technical mumbo jumbo.
    I ended up taking a break from technology to admire the work of a truly talented and funny man.
    Best wishes and Thanks, Robert.
    RMA: You are a prince S t r e t c h !
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    You're pretty as a babydoll
    I am Elisabet Ronaldsdottir
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    "Let me see if I have this right: I have sex with
    Robert Redford, and I get $1 million?"
    RMA: LOL Elisabet.!
    I already got the Meaning of Life.
    Your page is better than ok but not supra-cool
    I am the twisted one ender-bender
    My Homepage URL is ender
    My Homepage's Name is Uhh.. still working on it...
    The Conformist
    Roger & Me

    Just wanted to say hi & sign your book.
    Come see ender
    I, I,... Why... I'm lost.
    I am David Hastings
    My EMail address is 22978@aca.nwc.whecn.edu
    AI talked to you last night about a home page in Wyoming. You said you wanted my email address, well, now you have it. In about two weeksthough, around May 8, I will not be here anymore. If you have any need or any suggestions or just want to check on progress, Craig Satterlee will be continuing the project. His email address is satterlc@aca.nwc.whecn.edu.
    Thanks for your help and any future suggestions.
    David Hastings
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am Phyllis Sherman Your sister!
    What about some 70s pictures? I loved those trousers ;-)
    I am Sven Dirks
    My EMail address is sven@allcon.net
    My Homepage URL is http://www.allcon.net/allcon/sven.html
    My Homepage's Name is www.allcon.net
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    Rock on
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    My favorite movies.
    Scent of a Women
    Star Wars
    Die Hard
    Check, please.
    I am nicole
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    I, I,... Why... I'm lost.
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    Check, please. I am Craig Newmark
    My EMail address is cnewmark@well.com
    My Homepage's Name is The WELL
    This looks very good. I've just started to explore. Anything on Leonard Cohen (he rules!) However, I can't figure out what the first field on this form is for.
    Overall, very professional, and I'll look at more...
    Check, please.
    I am John Douglas
    My EMail address is douglas@fox.nstn.ns.ca
    Check, please.
    My EMail address is NONER
    Add me to your Published Guest Listd...uh...
    RAMBO 2
    KELLY 18

    Check, please. I am Joel McManus
    My EMail address is JoelM@eWorld.com

    Check, please.
    I am Dan Belich
    My EMail address is dbelich@oeb.harvard.edu
    "McCabe & Mrs. Miller", "Long Goodbye", "Nashville" and "Short Cuts" are some of the best movies I've ever seen. They're on my all time top 100 list- I've seen a few, believe me.
    Thanks for the good work, Mr. Altman!
    Check, please.
    I am Jon Tyson
    My EMail address is tyson@crl.com
    Well - I finally gave it a thorough viewing - and it was really nice.
    (And I just had sushi, too - though it wasn't nearly as good as Hamano).
    I'm pretty sure I saw my mother in a few of your photographs! Talk to you soon. Jon
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I like it.
    I am tem
    My EMail address is tem@globalone.net
    twas great. black and white photography has something spiffy about it...
    uh movies. harold and maude was a good one. dogs in space is great if you can find it and where the day takes you has clarity...

    Check, please.
    I am Sandra Whiting
    My EMail address is whitisa@netropolis.net
    Oh WOW!!! Your pictures are GREAT!!! Even with a slow connection, it was worth every blink of the N!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am Nancy Melvin.
    My EMail address is ropejumper@aol.com
    What...no Bon Jovi?
    Check, please.
    I am Chris Suwardhan.
    My EMail address is polygon@rad.net.id
    This is a wonderful Web i've ever seen...five star for you...my wishes from Indonesia,Jakarta
    Help! I am inside a Pentium. and it's really warm in here.
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    There are one of the best designed www pages that I have ever seen. The presentation is truly superb. Congratulations for the html wizardry and also for the photographs !
    Check, please.
    I am John David Galt
    My EMail address is John_David_Galt@cup.portal.com
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I enjoyed your tour.
    I am Dale Bentley
    My EMail address is daleb4@aol.com
    My Homepage URL is- I don't know I just signed in yesterday.
    My Homepage's Name is- I don't know that either. I'll get back to you.
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    I am Bertault Christophe
    My EMail address is janin@info.unicaen.fr
    Rob, you are too cool.
    Check out Jon Claridge's wedding cakes (silver spring,md)
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    Check, please.
    I am Charles Kohler
    My EMail address is kohler@creighton.edu
    This is seriously a great page. It's good to see a page that has some time put into it and you have definitely done that. I always start my browsing here. GOOD JOB SIR!
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    This is the most awsome page I've ever seen!! I am Adam Meek
    My EMail address is meek@mail.crl.com
    As a beginning HTML programmer, I really look up to your sheer skill and technique....You proabably don't know me, but I'm the 'kid" at CEA on Wedensdays......

    Thanks for your time!

    Ada/\/\ Meek
    RMA: (blush) I bet you say that to all the HTML-ers.

    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    I am Eric Kingren
    My EMail address is KingrenE@AOL.com
    I am...?
    The pages you have created are all quite interesting...
    but no link or anything about the premiere sixties band of all times???
    You need to add something about the Beatles
    BTW my favorite movies are the Malcolm McDowell movies from the seventies...A Clockwork Orange, If, Lucky man etc.
    RMA: Ringo, are you happy now?


    I am Gale
    My EMail address is LuvingEwe@ AOL.com
    I am totally delighted to have your wonderful work as part of my favorite places list!!!! I really LOVE the folk stuff....Phil Ochs especially. I knew him...though not well, and was sitting in Master Control with Bob Fasse at WBAI NY when the call came from Phil's sister telling us she had found him hanging from his belt....at her home. It was one of the more intense moments of sadness in my life....but Phil left alot behind...and it was nice to find him here.
    I've got a few things to tell you...you
    I am Brad Brace.
    My EMail address is bbrace@netcom.com
    My Homepage's Name is Recognition
    The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project:

    I already got the Meaning of Life...maybe you don't...
    I am Rich
    My EMail address is rich@sbi.com
    My Homepage URL is My Homepage's Name is Bernie's Place
    Really enjoy your page. Shows what can be done with HTML and all the gadgets.
    Thanks for a great trip.
    I have included your site on my home page for others to enjoy.

    Check, please.
    I am Francesco Moretta
    My EMail address is francesco.moretta@dedalus.inet.it
    ...e volta nostra poppa nel mattino dei remi facemmo ali al folle volo!
    What, me comment?
    I am mitch
    My EMail address is yancees@aol.com
    The Sands of Iwo Jima
    Better find a good lawyer Rob.
    I am Kimber and Jimber
    My EMail address is kfiher@slip.net
    My Homepage URL is Coming soon to a server near you.
    Yo! It's Marshall. Talk to you later. Please ignore any wierd breaks in our test page, hope you like it. If you have comments, sing out. Have dinner with us Monday night, or die.
    RMA: In case y'all don't know it, Jim Marshall is THE most prolific music photographer in the business. We are all in for a major treat when he and Kimberly Fisher start publishing his Website. Way to go Jim!
    I already got the Meaning of Life.
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    Just checkin' out the Web. Carry on!
    Check, please.
    I am JP
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    Still a innocent on surfing the net but would be interested in anything concerning photography or anything you might find interesting.
    Check, please.
    You're so Hip you're Hep!
    I am Kim Haughton
    My EMail address is mla@iol.ie
    Resevoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction...Delicatessan...Anything by Gus Van Sant..
    Read your e-mail.....PLEASE?
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    I am Michele Wallace
    My EMail address is wallace@ncemt.ctc.com
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I now begin my search for the Meaning of Cyberlife. How does all this neat stuff happen inside my telephone?
    I am Pam Meadows
    My EMail address is motby@infinity.ccsi.com
    Howdy from Texas. I was a paid photographer years ago. Gave it up to become an English teacher. I'm just discovering this new world and find your list of hot spots some of the best so far. I especially like your helpful reference stuff. I'm too impatient to look at the pictures, too many years of holding the real thing in hand, I guess. How about those Rockets, or are you a "football only" fan?
    Check, please.
    I am Rik Fujioka
    My EMail address is rfujioka@ilhawaii.net
    Great Page!!!
    What else can I say.

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    Other Subject AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, ninny, ninny.
    I am John McEleney
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    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    You're just as goofy as you ever were, which is good news.
    I am Ed Ward.
    My EMail address is 100342.1373@compuserve.com
    You ever get to Berlin..?
    RMA: No, never did get to Berlin, though I did get to Judy Berlin!
    Ed Ward, ED WARD!!! A truly superb writer. My gumbah at Rolling Stone Mag.
    How in the hack are ya Ed?

    Check, please.
    I am Dave Stafford
    My EMail address is staff@mis.net
    I think this site is very interesting. It certainly is time consuming.
    Are we to include our favorite Robert Altman movies, or any movie?
    RMA: My namesake? Well sure, why not. I too am a fan!
    My favourite Robert Altman movie is Short Cuts, followed closely by Nashville.
    My favourite movie is Joy Luck Club...I know pretty sappy.
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I am doug mccullough
    My EMail address is doug.mccullough@khis.kodak.com
    Great site. Keep up the excellent work.
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    Take my hand, I know the way.
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    The Web site is my wife's real estate home page.
    I'm interested in purchasing original Rolling Stones photos.
    If you have a price list or catalog, please e-mail me any details. Thanks!
    Don Martin
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am Simon King
    My EMail address is s.c.king@dcs.hull.ac.uk
    My Homepage's Name is Ski`s Marvellous Web World
    Great late night viewing.
    Favourite movies, this space is too small......
    OK OK - Raging Bull, M*A*S*H, Freebie and the Bean, Star Wars.
    Never mind movies, go buy the new Teenage Fanclub album, Gran Prix.
    If you don't, then............
    Check, please.
    Thanks, looked around a bit, first time i saw it. will login later.
    I am Yvonne Spoormakers.
    My EMail address is Thyvo@uni4nn.iaf.nl
    Guess some 70's are out of the question. QUEEN, etc......
    regards from Holland.
    Check, please.
    I am Peter Cooley
    My EMail address is pcool@itl.net
    My Homepage's Name is Supernet
    The Sting
    I am Lance A. Burgess
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    Rob, you are too cool.
    Would you take a photo of me for my press kit?
    I am Guy Kawasaki
    My EMail address is Kawasaki@radiomail.net
    My Homepage's name is Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua
    Hello, I'm from Panama(Rep. of Panama), and I think you have a cool WWW page.
    I'm just navigating throught it, so maybe it'll take me sometime to really apreciate it.
    Juan Rubio
    P.D. I'm calling from my local university...
    RMA: Hello Panama!
    Pray for divine intervention, you need it.
    You REALLY need it. But this could be VERI INTERESTING
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    60's types....good shots.
    I am Don Bright.
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    My Homepage URL is coming online....ZAP
    My Homepage's Name is ZAP
    Naturally, all your movies are my favorites...but to be real...
    David Zucker (et al) and his movies are the ones I like the best.
    (serious now)...Your Web site is pretty cool, but as an "intermediate user" of the net with pretty good hardware, it takes a bit long (don't we all?) but...would love to see the photo galleries come up (say) four on a page.. Then one might be able to "browse" more quickly....and get the most of your "histo-photo's"
    ...and who is "Bergita" is it not Candice?
    DonBright zap@nbn.com
    RMA: Candy Bergen, nope. BTW, I am not a film director.
    Check, please.
    I am David.
    My EMail address is pinguino@rmnet.it
    Add me to your Published Guest List.. duh...
    Umm... Who are you?
    I am Cindy Filler.
    My EMail address is cindyf@cea.edu
    Hey rob-meister, love the html class! I'm so confused!!!
    Check, please.
    You never can find a waiter when you need one.
    I am Ed Young.
    My EMail address is eyoung@ncsa.uiuc.edu
    My Homepage's Name is Prairienet

    Life's a Bitch


    Scary Romance
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo... and what?
    I am Ruth
    My EMail address is r.j.carey@durham.ac.uk
    heeelp,im lost in cyber space, your home page looked a safe place to land.
    where do i go from here?
    drop me a line if you like.
    hang loose

    RMA: Ruth, here is 'a line' carefully dropped...


    Check, please.
    My EMail address is SOUNDS CRAZY, BUT I DON'T KNOW!

    Check, please.
    I am DADAnet
    My EMail address is staff@dada.it
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    bye bye bob
    DADAnet via del madonnone 20, 50136 Firenze, Italy

    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    love the page
    -- are you THE Robert Altman?
    I am Laurie Gehler
    My EMail address is lgehler@cis.ufl.edu
    My Homepage's Name is Laurie's Home Page
    Hands Down -- Casablanca is the best movie EVER!
    Check, please.
    Fab pants!
    I am sponge.
    My EMail address is bursdjs@adm1.bristol.ac.uk
    What, me comment?
    Gee, I might have to say something!
    I am Felix Lu.
    My EMail address is flu@ucsd.edu
    My Homepage's Name is Compuserve
    Fantastic photos.
    Check, please.
    Great Pages! Thanks.
    I am John Acuff.
    My EMail address is acuff@moscow.com
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I am Bill Gates
    Putney Swope
    Check, please.
    what's all this "meaning of life" banter?
    I am george alper.
    My EMail address is alperg@primenet.com
    don't have a web site yet, but soon come (i'll alert you...).
    do you think your suggestion to include fave movies further adds to the altman/altman confusion?
    anyway...my old man took many many photos of dylan, coltrane, armstrong, m davis, etc in the early sixties- i have attempted to keep the faith by shoting many zappa, todd, new riders. hot tuna, etc in the 70s-80s- now i'm a schoolteacher- i would love to talk further- e me if you're interested
    200 motels
    the graduate
    plan 9 from outer space
    any preston sturges film
    shawshank redemption
    raising arizona (or any other coen bros. flick)
    dr. strangelove (or how i stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb)
    raging bull
    it's so hard to say au revoir-
    so i'll just say hors d'ouvre
    -martin mull -martin mull
    Check, please.
    I am pez.
    My EMail address is pez@homer.read.tasc.com
    My Homepage's Name is Mike Pellegrino's Web Page
    Pray for divine intervention, you need it.
    Thanks again for wasting a perfectly good evening!
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    My Website is Sky Photography by Tom Polakis.
    Check, please.
    I am Thomas Willis.
    My EMail address is twillis@rapidramp.com
    Would love to see some Beatles stuff.

    Check, please. Hi, just wanted to say hello.
    I am Mark "Altman"
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    Other Subject Great!
    I am Milovan Music.
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    Enjoy the Sunrise,
    Milovan Music

    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    Where is the voodoo chile? I thought for sure you would capture him on film....
    I am Eric Phipps
    My EMail address is voodoochile@ephipps.grays.cos.mci.com
    I haven't gone through your movies but do you have Easy Rider?
    Would really love to have some Jimi Hendrix pictures to look at also.
    You have lived an interesting life.
    RMA: An infamous colleague of mine has gobs of cool Hendrix photos and he'll soon open his own Website. We'll keep you posted!
    Check, please.
    I am m.j.mcclure.
    My EMail address is whupped@omni.voicenet.com
    Umm... Who are you?
    I am Kai Røer
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    Thanks! Cool site! I`ll be back. That is: I`ll never leave... ;-)
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am Kenn Fine.
    My EMail address is kenn@finedesign.com
    My Homepage URL is after tomorrow maybe...
    Whoa! Robert.... When i grow up to be too cool just like you.
    I hope i can have a devistatingly ebulient site like yours, and then, maybe.... just maybe......
    I can be a poor struggling artist. .. Just
    Great site Robert.

    I'll See you 1:00pm tomorrow.

    Kenn <<
    Check, please.
    I am Tom Fritz.
    My EMail address is tfritz@execpc.com
    Very, very nice. I'll be back later.............
    Pray for divine intervention, you need it.
    You and your sidekick owe me, big time.
    I am Rafael Olivas .
    My EMail address is MythosLink@aol.com
    Add me to your Published Guest List: I thought you'd never ask!
    My Homepage URL is coming soon, sooner than you think.
    My Homepage's Name is our little secret for now.
    Well, Robert, finally I checked out what all the brouhaha was about. I am not disappointed. Of course, I checked to make sure that the image of me in my studio was cleared first.
    You're safe there.
    And sorry if I busted you up with the art hammer about your logo. Yeah, yeah. It's coming. Don't rush me.
    I am ze artiste here, and don't you forget it, you, you, photographer, you!
    Check, please.
    I am Alex.
    My EMail address is alex@crl.com
    Your pictures are wonderful. They reminded me how much I love black and white photography.
    Thanks for putting them up!
    Check, please.
    I am Dennis Tapp.
    My EMail address is dtapp@icis.on.ca
    Check, please.
    I am Ernest Khoo Boon Ngiap.
    My EMail address is Td7332764@ntuvax.ntu.ac.sg
    Pictures are great!!!!
    Help me puleeze.
    I am David Tedder.
    My EMail address is jzcx75a@prodigy.com
    Monty Python In Search of the Holy Grail
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am Marco Maccapani
    My EMail address is mmacca@micronet.it
    Check, please.
    Found you when searching WBAI on Lycos -
    I am Dave Burstein.
    I'm the current editor of the WBAI Folio-
    Say hello to us & send us some pictures.
    We're putting up our web page - or should I just point to you.
    My EMail address is daveb@panix.com
    My Homepage URL is coming
    Take my hand, I know the way.
    I am michael joplin
    My EMail address is mjop@azstarnet.com
    hello, let me introduce myself, my name is michael joplin, the brother of the late singer you have pictured here.
    thanks for having this here for me to find.
    i appreciate seeing her image out here in the ether so to speak.
    i think she would really think this is a hoot.
    maybe we will meet at the rock and roll hall of fame deal over labor day weekend. janis was inducted this year. a good year because of the grand opening and all but who woulda thunk it, that rock and roll would have any kind of a museum.
    well, i do have one really wild site for you to peruse an "alien autopsy" very weird.
    or a little deeper> http://www.atlas.co.uk/paragon/rosstill.html
    hope to see you around.
    thanks again. michael
    Check, please.
    Round up the ususal suspects...
    I am Bob Brault (bro)
    My EMail address is rbrault@ucsd.edu
    Loved floating through the photo gallery and reliving those magic days when we thought the world would be saved by rock n'roll.
    What a DELIGHT to re-LIGHT the psychedelic fuse !!!!!!!!
    Give my regards to your Muse.
    Favorite movies: The Great Escape, The Graduate, The Big Sleep, Spellbound, The Maltese Falcon, 5 Easy Pieces, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor, The Angry Red Planet, 2001: a Space Odyssey, Clockwork Orange, La Dolce Vita, Amarcord, High Noon, The Hunt for Red October, E.T., Red Rock West, Platoon, Apocolypse Now, The Godfather, Rebel Without A Cause, and On the Waterfront (to name a few)....
    RMA: YOU are the muse Bob. Your appreciation is key!
    Check, please.
    The resta y'all I am Greg Hardison
    My EMail address is nolalinx@aol.com
    My Homepage's Name is New Orleans - A Virtual Library I love this place...
    My favorite movie ? It's Miller's Crossing....
    Why cause my sister worked on it (seamstress) and got her name in the credits...
    It was filmed in my favorite place ... New Orleans !
    I really enjoy Robert's Home Page and stop back by often.
    later ...
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    Personal and a bit TOO open at times, but nice to see.
    I am Bert Deivert.
    My EMail address is bert.deivert@hks.se
    My Homepage URL is not yet
    Rob, I am a film teacher in Sweden, but American by nationality. I have not had time to look at your whole site, but there are some nice photos. And we like a lot of the same films, so here are some of mine.

    You can check out our school. I will have a page there in a month or two.

    Favorites, but not in order...


    HEART OF A DOG- MIKHALKOV? (based on a Bulgakov novel)
    RMA: Bert! A well thought list of films.

    Check, please.
    Joe Montana, and Bill Walsh
    I am Larson Rider.
    My EMail address is lrider@best.com
    Fave movies: Fisher King, Marathon Man, Pulp Fiction, Resevior Dogs, Waterdance, and really too many more to list.
    I did a photography project for a course I audited at SJSU (Mimi Plumb-Chambers, if you know her). The project was entitled Fathers and Men, Portraits in the Nation of Men. Kind of a different look at men involved in the men's movement. Included a picture of me with Robert Bly.
    Anyway, love your art.
    8/ 5/95
    What, me comment?
    Well, I have only a dissertation to write.
    I am Nancy K. Brown
    My EMail address is brown3@ix.netcom.com
    I am 46 year old female social worker working on her dissertation who "surfs" to avoid working. I want to return to the 60's but I can't stand any of the people any more!
    Life has been good but I've never mastered tofu.
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    You got too much time, don't you? Well so do I.
    I am Rainer Leuschke.
    My EMail address is leuschke@u.washington.edu
    My Homepage's Name is Internet Direct
    I found your pages and gallery fun, enjoyable and a great way to bring back memories. I would like your permission, to use a sampling of your work and enlighten others as to your gallery.
    I understand a person can use anything they find on the WEB, but it's more polite to ask!
    RMA: Thanks for your kind words. You have my permission.
    BTW-People can easily "lift" anything from the Web but using others' work without permission, especially with any "unusual" intent, is certainly unethical, possibly illegal.

    Check, please.
    I am Jim Snow.
    My EMail address is jsnow@mail.durham.net
    My Homepage's Name is Jim's Home Page
    Yo Robert:
    Like your home page - it's what I think the Web should be! Keep up the good work!
    You are a Web god! (well...maybe a demi-god....)
    Some of my favorite movies include Easy Rider (just saw it yesterday for the first time), Twenty Five Years of Rolling Stone, Highway 61, Woodstock, Apocalypse Now, The Rodney King video (you know, where he gets beat up), On the Waterfront, To Kill a Mocking Bird, I could go on
    and on...
    If you'd care to discuss more (about film) drop me an e-mail sometime!
    Check, please.
    I am Marcello Catozzi.
    My EMail address is catozm@logical.iunet.it
    Congratulations for your job.
    I used to listen country music in the 70s. Above all, Neil Young (your image is great). Then I became a... metal - boy! Do you have anything about my idol, Ronnie James Dio?
    My favourite movies? A lot, surely... But I like Goodfellas too, with my idol Bob De Niro.
    Sincerely CIAO from Novara, Italy.
    Check, please.
    I am Craig Rymer.
    My EMail address is crymer@online.dct.com
    Rob, you are too cool.
    Been a fan for years.
    I am Howard Satinsky.
    My EMail address is luvah@nai.net
    Thanks for this most enjoyable of web sites.
    Check, please.
    Cool pictures, but too much clothes?
    I am Martin.
    My EMail address is m89_lip@m.kth.se
    Reservoire dogs of course, Apocalypse Now, Die Hard III, Cocktail, The seventh seal
    Morrhår och ärtor (Swedish, damn good film)
    Check, please.
    I am Cyndy Taschman.
    My EMail address is ctaschman@wizard.em.monroecc.edu
    Great photos! It reminds me of when life was still cool.
    Check, please.
    I am Michael.
    My EMail address is mkr2a@virginia.edu
    When the Beatles hit our shores so long ago, I was there chewing gum and feeling oh so obsessed with hearing their music, hearing there voices, and seeing PHOTOGRAPHS. This note is in appreciation for your efforts over many years in bringing us images of our idols.
    I already got the Meaning of Life.
    Your circle of friends photos are particularly nice.
    I am Amy.
    My EMail address is berg@mail.utexas.edu
    I'm glad to see that someone else in this world saw Smooth Talk. I saw that when I was about fifteen and was dazzled.
    RMA: Thanks Amy. Small Circle of Friends is a gem planted for those old friends to discover upon getting "wired."
    Re: Smooth Talk- I am absolutely enchanted with Laura Dern. Let's hope Jeff Goldblum doesn't blow it this time.

    Check, please.
    I am Sue Ann Stanton.
    My EMail address is sas@advent.com
    Check, please.
    I am Frank Errington.
    My EMail address is franke2@ix.netcom.com
    Looking forward to more exploration on your sight. I like the approach so far.
    Wizard of Oz
    Star Wars Trilogy
    tI, I,... Why... I'm lost. And I can't get out!
    I am Elizabeth Marrin
    My EMail address is caprice@mit.edu
    My Homepage's Name is Yesworld and NotesFromTheEdge and Opio World

    I am entirely enjoying this!

    Rob, you are too cool.
    Other Subject Nice pages. I'll come back again.
    I am Chris Vernon.
    My EMail address is Vernon02@ssw.alcoa.com
    Check, please.
    Rob Again.
    I am E. Racheal Allen.
    My EMail address is eallen@aamc.org
    After reading some of the scrapbook stuff...seems like a jr. high yearbook. :)
    I already got the Meaning of Life.
    Your site is fun!
    I am Laine Gurley-Dilger.
    My EMail address is lgurleyd@nslsilus.org
    King of Hearts (La Roi De Couer)- ALan Bates don't you know
    Help! I am inside a Pentium.
    I love my Nikon ... Did I mention I love my Nikon
    I am Gary Hambley.
    My EMail address is garyrhambley@powerwindows.com
    Computers are my Business and part of my hobby. My camera and a game are one of my biggest passions. My other fav site on the net is I.U.M.A.
    FAV MOVIE - Videdrome - I'm aware it's a Cronenberg film!
    FAV MOVIE ENDING - Planet of the Apes.
    Musical Heros - Dylan, Springsteen, Young, Petty.
    FAV SPORT - Actually there are two, Hockey and Golf.
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I am Serg Shubenkov from Moscow, Russia.
    My EMail address is serg@nsi.net.kiae.su
    Check, please.
    I am Russ Thornton
    My EMail address is rthornto@rsa.hisd.harris.com
    Check, please.
    Web Sorcerers
    I am
    My EMail address is 2net@2net.com
    Please visit me at Orion Hill
    LOve your site!
    Check, please.
    This is cool.
    I am Thomas Burke.
    My EMail address is 2net@2net.com
    My Homepage's Name is toms page

    Totally cool page.
    I especially liked the opening.
    Would you tell me how you did it?

    RMA: You do the Hokey Pokey.
    Then you turn yourself around.
    THAT'S what it's all about.

    I hope that you dont mind if I put my whole page here. If you do, well, Take it down.

    RMA: I took it down. Nice try though Tom. ;-)

    Check, please.
    I'm smiling at'cha Rob.
    I am Doug Thompson.
    My EMail address is MtlSmith@ix.netcom.com
    I am Giancarlo Boarino.
    My EMail address is boarino@fileita.it
    Check, please.
    I am Andrea Antonioli.
    My EMail address is anto@infotel.shiny.it
    Blade Runner
    2001 Space Odissey
    Clockwork Orange
    Check, please.
    I am Brian D. Bradford.
    My EMail address is brian_bradford@student.ambassador.edu
    Rob, you are too cool.
    wow! Why arn't you the movie maker?
    I am stevenjay
    My EMail address is sjhumphr@athena.bournemouth.ac.uk (sic)
    enjoy and may the FOUR be with you


    Umm... Who are you?
    I am noa.
    My EMail address is bagno.netvision.net.il
    what are all this photographs of rolling stones magazine are doing here ?
    will i ever get there????
    pulp fiction
    sound of music
    when harry net sally
    annie hall
    the life of veronic
    Check, please.
    I am Graham.
    My EMail address is graham@proj.demon.co.uk
    hi rob:
    i found myself here whilst looking for references to Manfred Mann.
    this probably makes me a very sad person.
    i enjoyed my visit anway - must return sometime.
    i enjoyed my visit anway - must return sometime
    Umm... Who are you?
    I am Betsy Scholl.
    My EMail address is ehscholl@eos.ncsu.edu
    Love the stones Pix.... thank you!
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    I am Jeanne Wiebke.
    My EMail address is x2wiebke@exnet.iastate.edu
    Check, please.
    I am graeme abernethy.
    My EMail address is abo@manawatu.gen.nz
    mind boggling!
    I am Don Critchley.
    My EMail address is donc@can.net
    Nice page!!! Very enjoyable page.
    Worth returning to.As exicting as my favorite movies...Sci-Fi's.
    I am B. Serenity Sherman.
    My EMail address is serene1@primenet.com
    My Homepage's Name is A resting Place
    My favorite movies are the old 8 mm movies of my family!!! :-)

    I loved your pages and they sure brought back some wonderful memories!
    Ahhh, it seems like yesterday that I was wearing daisy chains in my hair, rocking out at the free concerts in Golden Gate Park.

    Rob, you are too cool.
    Deep joy.
    I am Yamaken.
    My EMail address is yamaken@mag.keio.ac.jp
    My Homepage's Name is Keio-University Graduate School
    I love Joni Mitchell. Your picture is greatly beautiful.
    Thanks a lot.
    Check, please.
    I am Karen Fallon, Moonsta.
    My EMail address is fallon@pcbuoa.enet.dec.com
    I raise kitties, Orientals and Lynx points to be correct.
    I grew up in the later part of the sixties, but recall many fine moments from even then. I did not go to the "big one", but did do Watkins Glen.

    Moves, eh?.... Well, I can't comment in a way that you would probably expect. I prefer the old horror moves, The Thin Man series. Steel Magnolias. Muppet Christmas Movie, and NO I do not have children that are on two legs!! Enough?
    Check, please.
    I am Jeff Zahnen.
    My EMail address is number6@grove.ufl.edu
    My Homepage's Name is Fly Jefferson Airplane ...
    Nice Jefferson Airplane pics. Mind if I put links to em on the airplane site??
    Check, please.
    I am Lewis Koch.
    My EMail address is zkoch@mcs.net
    I expect to have a site in about 90 days.

    I'm the person who selected your photo as a card to send to my lifetime good buddy, Joy Marcus. It blew my mind that she knew you.

    I picked your protest photo because it reminded me of the good old days when my beat at NBC News was "radical politics" and I was one of the founding editors of a magazine called "the Chicago Journalism Review" -- the first media review magazine founded by working journalists. Worked for a while with Rolling Stone writer Dave Felton.

    Well, regards and I like your pages very, very much. When I get up I'd love for you to look at my page.

    Lew Koch
    Check, please.
    I am Tim Nantz
    My EMail address is TNantz@mail.sunbelt.net
    Umm... Who are you?
    not The Director, i know
    I am ken binner.
    mailing address: 2451 aldrich ave so. #4, mpls,mn. 55405
    i notice: Guestbookers aren't careful readers. Example: fave raves are MASH, The Player, Short Cuts, etc,etc,etc....How comes ya didn't include no movie stills? ah duh!
    Mick, Jim, Janice, Y-A-W-N. Show me some shots of Superchunk tearing up the Metro and I'll give a shit.
    -On The Waterfront
    -It's A Wonderful Life
    -The Searchers
    -Rear Window

    9/10/95 Check, please.
    I am Bruce Toms.
    My EMail address is sbintl@rain.org
    My Homepage's Name is Santa Barbara International Center
    Your homepage is one of the more interesting. Photos are interesting.
    The wallpaper also is a sprightly touch.
    I am lucky enough to be married to the most beautiful woman I ever saw. She is at http://www.rain.org/~sbintl
    Favorite movies: Shane, (Best Western) Apocalypse Now. Treasure of the Sierra Madre.
    Check, please.
    My EMail address is guest@ucudal1.ucu.edu.uy
    Just great! as all your movies... but I still haven't seen "Pret a Porter"
    Rob, you are too cool.
    Your Gallery is boss, man. Snow w
    I am Tom Page.
    My EMail address is tpage@electriciti.com
    Rob, you are too cool.
    Very talented.
    I am JC Paradiso.
    My EMail address is jcscorp@wam.umd.edu
    Pink Floyd's The Wall, A Clockwork Orange, Parenthood, Through the Glass Darkly, My Dinner With Andre, Europa Europa, Big, The Star Wars Trilogy, My Own Private Idaho, Drugstore Cowboy, Big, The Bicycle Thief, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Night on Earth, Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet, The Shawshank Redemption, In the Name of the Father, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, La Femme Nikita, Annie, West Side Story, East of Eden, The Wizard of Oz, It's A Wonderful Life, The Doors, Peggy Sue Got Married, Back to the Future, La Dolce Vita, etc...
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    I am Michael Sullivan.
    My EMail address is sullivan@fa.disney.com
    Comments here? I thought comments were above. Hmm. How about those movies, then (in no particular order):

    Romeo and Juliet (Zeffe...Zefer...the Z-man's version)
    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (really)
    Beauty and the Beast (Disney--I bled for that movie so I'm biased)
    The Road Warrior
    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    A Fish Called Wanda
    The Great Race
    City Lights
    The Day the Earth Stood Still

    That's all that comes to mind now. It's late.
    Check, please.
    I am jin-woo yim.
    My address is korea seoul dobonggu dobongdong 588 shindobong apt. 501
    My Homepage's Name is nowro.
    What, me comment?
    I am Jon Ruddell.
    My EMail address is jruddell@pyramid.com
    The Apple Wars
    Check, please.
    I am Michael Abbott.
    My EMail address is abbott@vortice.ib.stortek.com
    Favorite movies include...Caddy Shack, Modern Problems. You get the idea!
    What, me comment?
    I am Paul Howell.
    My EMail address is phowell@utkux1.utcc.utk.edu
    My favorite movies are Star Wars trilogy, The Professional and Terminator 2
    Check, please.
    you are waaaayyy cool! I'll be back. Jai Baba!
    I am bonnie forman
    My EMail address is bonnie@ccnet.com
    My Homepage's Name is Bonnie's Jazzercise Page
    I can never remember the names of movies :-(
    Take my hand, I know the way.
    I am Chelle.
    My EMail address is casllama@pacificrim.net
    My Homepage's Name is Chelle's Cozy Corner
    Well hiya! Says I should include my fav movies...The Goodbye Girl... Cannery Row...When Harry Met Sally...Speechless...Auntie Mame...
    Yep, life is a banquet and most poor fools are starvin' to death.
    Come back and get re-whiffled. Hugz & smiles, C.
    RMA: You know I will Chelle.
    Check, please.
    W il Beck !!!
    I am Fabrizio Santoni.
    My EMail address is beck@excalhq.it
    Blade Runner, The Blues Brothers, Pulp Fiction, Brazil Toto' Peppino e i fuorilegge
    Check, please.
    I am Jeff Shepherd.
    My EMail address is jbshepd@aloha.net
    Other Subject: Rick, and Peggy, and the kids.....
    If you can remember a long haired-half-assed guitar player from the everpopular,"Peggy Day & the Nights:" well then you arent too old yet rob.
    Hey Its me.....from the rocks in the pacific...you can run, but you cant hide.... ...or was that for me???
    Cyberspace bridges the miles and gaps and years, eh? Mail if memory serves.
    I already got the Meaning of Life.
    Now for something completely different!
    I am Michael Rogers
    My EMail address is rogersm@hctg.saic.com

    Favorite Movies:
    Field of Dreams
    Dances with Wolves
    Blade Runner
    Bull Durham
    ....too many to mention

    Favorite Music (at this time):
    Martin Page.."In the House of Stone and Light" (Album)
    Live.."I Alone" (song)
    Peal Jam..All Albums
    Jude Cole...All Albums
    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (everything)
    Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
    Tom Petty..Everything he does

    See ya later.
    Mike Rogers
    Take my hand, I know the way.
    You are on the way to discovering the meaning of meaning!
    I am Lester Leo Laurence Leahy PHD
    My EMail address is llaurenc@linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us
    All of yours, of course and all of Wierd Al's, as soon as he starts!
    RMA: Hello Lester Leo Laurence Leahy! Any relation to L.L. Bean?
    Have I got some suggestions for you!
    I am Glen Salzman
    My EMail address is gsalzman@cineflix.com
    My Homepage's Name is Virtual Film Festival
    Check us out!

    The Virtual Film Festival is an entertaining and engaging emulation of the look, feel and interactivity of a real-life international film festival. On-line from now to eternity, the VFF never sleeps. It is THE place to go first for new information about film on the Internet.
    The VFF is a total experience where the public at large can intermingle with the world's best independent filmmakers, media industry, cinema and video professionals, producers, directors, technicians, journalists, artists, distributors and companies. The VFF is structured around a multiplex of rooms - a lobby; a screening room to download colorful text, images sound and film clips about specific feature films, documentaries, television, animation and new multimedia productions; an industry-specific room to propose, pitch and publicize new projects; rooms to hold press conferences and symposia; cafs and bulletin boards; an on-line magazine and catalog and a VFF library linking to other media-related on the Web. Combining edutainment, content and fun, as a Web-Moo site, the VFF also incorporates a great deal of interaction through chat, paging, posting and role-playing functions.
    Check, please.
    I am Miriam Dean
    My EMail address is deanm@ac.grin.edu
    I already got the Meaning of Life.
    Cool Collection I enjoyed very much :-)
    I am Ismael Valdez
    My EMail address is valdez@rohan.sdsu.edu
    Grand Canyon
    Natural Born Killers
    Rob, you are too cool.
    then, so am i.
    Which came first, the chicken or the road?
    Why did the frog cross the road?
    I am Peter Beckman
    My EMail address is beckman@cs.hope.edu
    My Homepage's Name is The Wild And Crazy Kingdom Of...
    Star Wars Rocks.
    Love your graphics.
    Visit The WACKO Page
    stands for 'The Wild And Crazy Kingdom Of...' And I am the proprietor. And I am PETER BECKMAN and I do WWW & Graphic Design for anyone and any company that needs help. If you need help, mail me and we'll talk!

    By the way... This Site ROCKS!!! hee hee...

    I already got the Meaning of Life.
    It was all because of you...and buddha...
    I am Amy Jenest
    My EMail address is aj0004@jove.acs.unt.edu
    Yeah, well I am a film major, and no I don't want to be the director, I would do any kind of grunt work to work for the man...
    Señor Altman...He is one of my favorite directors, I love all of his films, especially short cuts.
    My other favorites inclued...Empire of the Sun, Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, Millers Crossing, Barton Fink, THE HUDSUCKER PROXY, (joel and ethan anything!!!), I like most of Gus Van Sandt's work, I like Coppalla, I like Spielberg, I like Quentin Tarintino (damnit), and I like a lot more...
    Yeah well thats all, baby...
    I already got the Meaning of Life.
    I kinda wish you WERE the director, but I'm sure your WHITE LIGHT AND LOVE>>>cool anyways.
    I am Barbara Rae Christensen
    My EMail address is brc@monadnock.keene.edu
    breakfast at tiffany's
    short cuts (REALLY!)
    nat. born killers
    double indemnity
    annie hall
    cactus flower blue
    red...anyone notice they all happen on the same day?
    akira k.'s dreams

    Check, please.
    I am Bong

    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I am Schane Tallardy.
    My EMail address is tallardy@wit.edu
    Check, please.
    I am isabella O'Neill-Lack.
    My EMail address is iolack@bucknell.edu
    Drive He Said
    Apocalypse Now
    10/ 8/95
    I am toby malina.
    My EMail address is thndrliz@aol.com
    Funny Bones...need I say more?
    Your way too cool dude!
    I am Mitchel Lang
    My EMail address is mlang@acrny.com
    I am Miriam Hildy Gopi Weinstein
    My EMail address is mimsw@igc.apc.org
    Hey Robert,
    It took me a while, but I visited your site as soon as I got netscape. OI! I printed the picture of Krish. Oh my, too many one night stands reflected in those pages - I haven't seen Norman since that picture was taken. I assume you heard that Jeff Plate died recently.
    Thanks for the tour.
    RMA: Hi Hildy!!!
    Hildy (aka Miriam) is one of my small circle of friends you may find here.

    I am Niklas Montonen
    My EMail address is nicke@helpware.ibm.fi

    already got the Meaning of Life.
    For a quarter I'll let you know too !!!!
    I am ee
    My EMail address is lharless@bev.net
    My Homepage's Name is EXCELLENT SONGWRITER !!! (brief profile)..
    I've been trying to find cool gifs for my page I might find some here , so don't get crabby....you !!!!
    Howz about that ????
    Jerry...you do still see him don't you?
    I am Richard Hollenbeck
    My EMail address is tricomm@airmail.net
    My Homepage's Name is Internet America
    I too, am a sixties kinda guy and just journey you provided for us is one of the finest things I've seen on the net. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful memories. I'll be back...and "click"..back...and "click"...back...ad infinitem. Don't go anywhere please.

    P.S. Come visit anytime. I'll keep a light on.
    I am Mori Leslie
    My EMail address is mirage@ptialaska.net
    Nightbreed (Yes, I like Clive Barker)
    Wild Orchids
    Harold and Maude
    Natural Born Killers
    Forest(sp?) Gump
    Where's Poppa (I like Ruth Gordon, too :)
    Mad Max 1,2,3
    Deathrace 2000
    Terminator 1,2
    Naked Lunch
    and a host of others... I love movies.
    Rob, you are too cool.
    You should go to some raves and take photos too!
    I am Bonnie Burton
    My EMail address is burtonb@ucsu.Colorado.EDU
    My Homepage's Name is Bonnie's Shameless Self-Promotion Page


    My favorite movie has got to be Dogs In Space, an Australian movie about the punk scene in the late 1970s. I also like the Linguini Incident with David Bowie and Roseanna Arquette.

    Stop by my Shameless Self-Promotion Home Page for lots of interesting articles on UFOs, bondage bras, haunted houses, and cyber sex. I have a photo gallery from various raves I started with my friends. I also do the MTV Real World Fan home page, The Bettie Page, and others. I host a music video show in Denver called, "Teletunes."

    Enjoy and tell me what ya think!

    Bonnie Burton

    RMA: Hey Bonnie, I gotta thank you for at least not using the < blink > tag.

    I enjoy your site.
    I am Colin Ensminger-Stapp.
    My EMail address is stappcw@pacificu.edu
    If I was stranded on a deserted island these are some of the films I would want to watch.

    Pulp Fiction
    The Professional
    What About Bob?
    A River Runs Through It.
    Groovy site. Far out! (oops showing some age)
    I am Jake (or John, if you insist) Reece.
    My EMail address is jr@idacom.hp.com
    So I don't have to list Nashville or the Player? Well I will anyway.

    "C'mon Jake, it's Chinatown."
    [On the other hand, let me nominate "The Two Jakes" as the, bar none, worst sequel (if not movie) I have ever had the misfortune of flushing $8 down the sewer on!!]

    Anything dark with Bogie (especially the Black Bird).

    Most anything by Scorsese (After Hours, Last Waltz too).

    Did I mention MASH (or Night [Day?] of the Locusts)?
    (Also a Don Sutherland fan)

    From a graying 70's R & R Limo Driver...
    I am Dave Welty.
    My EMail address is davew@texas.net
    My Homepage URL is coming...
    The Gods must be crazy
    Evolution (animation)

    'preciate the scratchpad. we webheads got to lay it down...

    I am Shana D. Lynch, coolest girl in the world.
    My EMail address is Hepcat1377@aol.com

    I am JR (John Reed).
    My EMail address is jrx@netcom.com
    My Homepage's Name is Network TeleSystems
    Blood Simple
    Yellow Submarine
    Check, please.
    Have a darn nice day
    I am Chris Casebolt.
    My EMail address is caseboc@ptvmp001.allied.com
    hank 5
    Umm... Who are you?
    I am Ang.
    My EMail address is angela@eesun1.tamu.edu
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    I am Scott.
    My EMail address is drmartin@mbay.net
    Cool Shit, man!!!!
    I, I,... Why... I'm lost not and, but I really enjoyed myself
    I am Carla Van Wagoner
    My EMail address is acecarla@cts.com
    I really enjoyed seeing your images. I love Rock-N-Roll, well all music anyway! Why don't you write to me and tell me how you started etc. I'm putting together a newsletter for the photo club (The Palomar College Photo Club) and would love to include you and your insights on photography (especially digital and the internet).

    Carla Van Wagoner

    Check, please.
    I am Jocy.
    My EMail address is kirkj@direct.ca
    Great I landed here somehow looking for Mick Jagger. But speaking of movies. My favourite one is "The Way We Were" I know... sucky but I still like it. For anyone out there I am looking for a movie called L'Astragale, a french movie somewhere back in the late 60's with Marlene Jobert and Horst Bucholtz. Anyone can tell me where I can find a copy of this I'd be eternally grateful.
    And all of you out there who already got the meaning of life, could you explain it to me cause I'm still confused...
    Check, please.
    I am John McBride.
    My EMail address is jmcbride@ix.netcom.com
    I am originally from Oakland and now live in Atlanta, GA. Damn, do I miss the people back home! I went to Bret Harte Junior High and Oakland High in Oakland, then moved to Hayward and attended Mt. Eden High (graduated 1975) and Chabot College (graduated 1985). I knew Dave Menaketti and the original members of Y&T while in high school. My favorite groups of the time include David Bowie, Queen, Kiss, the Tubes, and all of the other glitter groups. Yes, even the New York Dolls. Now, I listen more to Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails. I love comedies the most, when it comes to movies, as well as good old fashioned erotica. I don't have any rooms available for the Olympics, but I'd love saying "hi" to anybody that knows/knew me. Have a great life.
    I've always loved your work, Robert, and enjoyed going through the site.
    The picture of Iggy Pop is GREAT!
    Umm... Who are you?
    I am Steve Cantley.
    My EMail address is cantley3.c
    Dances w/ Wolves
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    Far and Away
    Star Wars Trilogy

    Which came first, the chicken or the road?
    Suspenders, the nun and tutti-frutti
    I am Robin O'Donnell.
    My EMail address is ode@well.com
    Favorite movie: the one I'm writing

    Hahahahahaha . . . hell, Altman, very cool web site.

    Give Margo our best regards, and see that she gets email!!

    Best wishes,
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    I am ERIN DAVIS.
    My EMail address is fdavis@newcomm.net

    Which came first, the chicken or the road?
    I am Tom McGregor.
    My EMail address is Tom22
    I am Karine.
    My EMail address is nlabelle@odyssee.net
    The only thing I have to say is... This site is GREAT !
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    I am Shari Caudill.
    My EMail address is scaudill@zoomnet.net
    Have I got some suggestions for you!
    I am Brian Valente.
    My EMail address is mrlizard@crl.com
    My Homepage's Name is 1995 Hookers' Masquerade Ball
    Hello Robert,

    My name is Brian - I am the webmaster for Margo's site (as well as a few others, like Romantasy's). Stopped by to tell you two things:

    1) nice photos of the ball.

    2) We have an ftp site of 500+ images that we took (video captures) while at the ball. We haven't sorted through them yet, but it's more images of the happenings.

    We will happily include a link to your images of the ball page.

    Thanks for the support,

    Check, please.
    I am Christie.
    My EMail address is RamsFan@apci.net
    Hey, Rob! I love this stuff!!! I plan to bookmark it for future reference!
    PS, my favorite movie is Tombstone..... DOC!!!! Gotta love that accent!
    Yours cyberly,
    Check, please.
    Nice site, took a lot of time, eh?
    I am Todd (toad) Valle
    My EMail address is vallie@mail.ssb.rochester.edu

    Favorite Mooovies:
    Star Wars
    Empire Strikes Back - nice & dark
    Jedi - sort of - cant stand those cute little bear things
    Until the End of the World - You didn't like this?
    Cinema Paradisio
    The Player
    Europa, Europa
    Spinal Tap
    Apocolypse Now
    Sid & Nancy - "Siiiiiiiidddd!"
    Meaning of Life - "Get me a bucket . . ."
    Any Pink Panther except the last 2. "Does your dog bite?"
    and the list goes on . . .

    Classic Rock - now that 'alternative' is in, I guess you could call the Sex Pistols classic rock, too, right?
    Check, please.
    Great stuff you got here!
    I am Nah Soo Hoe.
    My EMail address is nsh@pop.jaring.my
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    I am Roger Donahue.
    My EMail address is libertyl@tricon.net
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    I am Rebecca Shatford.
    My EMail address is dshatfor@fox.nstn.ns.ca
    Excellent photo gallery I got to see alot of neat pictures.
    I haven't been to the film yet but A Clockwork Orange better be there :) It is one of the greatest movies of all time.
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am Owen Mascarenhas.
    My EMail address is ovm@maxvax.scubed.com
    Very, very cool WEB Site. Couldn't stay long this time, but I will definitely be back!

    Check, please.
    I am Rick Arnold.
    My EMail address is drmforge@nauticom.net
    My Homepage's Name is Rick's Raucous Ramblings
    for e-magazines, I like:DREAM FORGE Lite
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    Then again, I'll forget it tomorrow!
    I am Meredith F. Marash.
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    Check, please.
    Surfeando amigo
    I am Coyote Grills.
    My EMail address is coyote@vivanet.com
    Site very interesting.
    I used to hang out at the Newport Folk Festival with my 35mm and got a lot of interesting shots backstage. Still have them. Lightning Hopkins, Rev. Gary Davis, Richard Farina, Pets Seeger Rambling Jack . . lots of good stuff, better memories and something for posterity.
    Missed a lot of opportunities later on, although not all got away. Owned a club, good shots of Steve Goodman, John Prine, missed the New York Rock Ensemble [although a great bunch of guys] Michael Kamen now top of the heap with his movie music, he would remember taking a portable synthesizer over to Sr. Peg's music class at the Local Jesuit High School to give the kids a lecture. A great guy, wonder what ever happened to Marty Fulterman, Cliff Niveson and Dorian Rudjninsky [spelling a little phonetic] of that great group whose roots were Julliard. I saw the kids from our local music college staring with rapt attention as one of the guys was sharpening the reed of his Oboe...one night they jammed for about one and one half hours with Steve Goodman . . definitely not in their contract but they couldn't resist Steve's infectious personality. Steve came to me and asked if they would jam with him. It was at the end of a set and they did an old Leadbelly thing, "Ella Speed" which was a fast rag. Then we found Steve an electric guitar and on his last set, or was it theirs, [I have forgotten, that was 1972, a long time ago]. It went on for at least one hour, maybe more. We taped it, but the tape left town with the New York Rock Ensemble...boy is that valuable today. They did a 50's set, with Steve leading off with Rockin' Robin. Anyone who knew Steve would attest that he was a genius. God bless Al Bunetta his manager who made him possible for the rest of us. That's enough of this, drop me an e mail if you have time.
    Your pics were great, keep up the good work.
    RMA: Thanks for sharing your memories Coyote.
    Check, please.
    I am Jordan Haas.
    My EMail address is 97haajor@james.hawken.edu
    Great photos! They are really interesting.
    Check, please.
    Hey...uh huh.
    I am Marlena Schwarz.
    My EMail address is MarlenaLS@aol.com
    My Homepage's Name is New York Trash
    Great photos, Cool site. Maybe I'll hotlist it.......
    I would love to see a photo of Keith Richards -- alone, even better, do you have one circa 1969?
    RMA: Yup. Less'ee...you were one then!
    Check, please.
    I am Bob Fischer.
    My EMail address is FBob@sisna.com
    Check, please.
    The gang
    I am Dave Chapman.
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    Add me : Life's too short. Where do I sign?
    Which came first, the chicken or the road?
    OI am peter weishaar.
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    Umm... Who are you?
    I am Claire Tseng.
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    Add me...Would'ja?
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    Your camera
    I am rainy daze.
    My EMail address is wolfgirl@netscape.com
    My Homepage URL is not yet but will soon i hope.
    Hey, I'm real glad somebody back in the 60's had a camera and was able to operate it. Me and my friends were too stoned, or too poor to buy film. Now I have camera, tho, do nature photography which I'm learning to put into Macromedia Director movies. Working on one about geysers in Yellowstone, its so hot its cool. Your web site is fantastic, really a work of art. Way to go.
    Check, please.
    Funky Web Site I did
    I am Randy Rovang.
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    Add me...T'would be madness to refuse
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    I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.
    Cool site, I'll keep the bookmark in place...later.
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    My EMail address is none (i'm a consarned neophyte!!!)
    Add me...Yes, if you'll respect me in the morning.
    My Homepage URL is nope, unh, unh.
    My Homepage's Name is zippo, zilch, the beeeeg zeeeeero, still in my brain
    let's see, with a name like ROBERT ALTMAN.................... no, you couldn't POSSIBLY be the film director!!!! catchy name tho'......... get's you in doors, huh???
    I have some images from last year's halloween celebration in hollywood to share with you. any way to get 'em to ya???? my ANALOG address is: infinite light (peter) 385 west 700 south salt lake city, UT 84101-2609. lots of fun stuuff, REALLY!!!
    Check, please.
    My EMail address is RBILLING@IXNETCOM.COM
    Add me: Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
    What, me comment?
    shoot the moon
    I am Jon Eirik Soyland
    My EMail address isjonso@stud.unit.no
    Some outstanding pictures you've got there...
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am BOB GRUEN
    My EMail address is Bob@nytrash.com
    RMA: Bob Gruen ladies and gentlemen...one of the nicest people I know not to mention his prowess as a premier photographer. Bob was responsible for some of the quintessent Jon Lennon photos from the 70's.
    Check, please.
    I am Jean James
    My EMail address is jjames@tccn.com

    I, I,... Why... I'm lost.
    I'm a Petrolium Engineering major @ colorado school of mines.
    (Someone has to power the world.) I am Tyson Foutz
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    Nicholas cage Rules!!!
    Check, please.
    I am brad stoddard
    My EMail address is brads@ni.net
    My Homepage's Name is SCOM
    Very interesting... and nice work. I am also from the sixties, but my camera was broken till the seventies.
    Take a look at my site. which is always cahnging. Tell me what you think of my photo work. Much more to come give me a few weeks.

    brad from New Mexico
    Check, please.
    I am Aron Pieman Kay.
    My EMail address is pieman@calyx.com
    Add me: Yes, if you'll respect me in the morning.
    Let the 90s make the 60s look like the 50s
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    Uh . . .
    I am Todd Vallie.
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    Add me: Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!
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    Very good site. I love to be entertained and your pages did a great job of it. My new and almost finished web pages:
    Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
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    I'm a commercial photographer interested in how I can branch into the online market.
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    Once Upon A Time In the West
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Check, please.
    I am tara crowley.
    My EMail address is tcrowley@cats.ucsc.edu
    Add me...Fer sure.
    2001, The Piano, Pulp Fiction, SPEED.
    I found your home page through Pete Blackshaw's home page who I found through the Banana Slug Home page. I thought you WERE the director. Oh well. Still. It's a good hook and then ya get in and go, "wow!"
    This is an outrage! I wouldn't pay it if I were you! --JHM 1891-1976
    I am Carl Dashman.
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    I am BluesBaby.
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    Deep Throat
    Miracle on 34th street
    Check, please.
    I am William Simmerson.
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    Which came first, the chicken or the road?
    Which came first, me or you?
    I am Marcy Burt Butz.
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    My Homepage's Name is Burtz Virtual Atelier


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    I am Ken Wolman.
    My EMail address is wolman@interactive.net
    My Homepage's Name is Interactive Networks
    Art on the Net
    Blast from the past? Yeah, sort of. We go back to YEARS ago, the Sixties I think it was called, and the photographs brought it all back. Good and bad. We survived. We may even have prevailed.


    RMA: Yes we did indeed survive some great days at Hunter College, n'est pas? Ken and I just reunited via the Web after a mere 27 year hiatus.
    Check, please.
    I am Mitja.
    My EMail address is mitja.trost@spika.unistar.si
    Add me...Life's too short. Where do I sign?
    The Shawsank Redemption
    Carlitos Way
    The Scent of a Woman
    Forrest Gump
    Shindlers List
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    My Homepage URL is NOT YET
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    What, me comment?
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    I love "All of Me" with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin
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    I've got to get out of here NOW!!! before I get caught...
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    Indiana Jones Movies
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    Wings of Desire; Cal; The Picture of Dorian Grey.
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    I'm working on bringing FREE FORM Rock and Roll back to FM radio. FUCK CORPORATE......and I say that with all due respect to the suits... NOT!!!!!

    Your site's pretty f'ing awesome.....I'm enjoying myself a little too much...it's so much fun it's hard to believe it's LEGAL!


    Rob, you are too cool.
    You better get a lawyer@What no Bukowski? Did I miss it?
    I am Derek & Mickey Raugh.
    My EMail address is ezys95a@prodigy.com
    Add me...T'would be madness to refuse
    RMA: I've never had the pleasure, but would be honored to hoist one anytime, anywhere with the gent!
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    I am Fumihiko Hirabayashi.
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    My Homepage URL...Sorry I don't have.
    My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.
    That's so cool.I love it.
    Umm... Who are you?
    I am William McKibben.
    My EMail address is Frodomc@gnn.com
    The Night of the Living Dead
    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am Jana Maldonado.
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    Rob, you are too cool.
    I am JIM NEW.
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    Rob, you are too cool.
    Your page is fascinating. I have only begun to explore it, but you are now a bookmark!!
    I am Jaimi Smith.
    My EMail address is kms14@email.psu.edu
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    My Homepage's Name is Jaimi Home Page Dear Rob,

    Your photos are great. This is a fun site!!!!
    What, me comment?
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    Anything with a groove and a little bit of Heart
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    I am Cam Lamadeleine.
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    I am Eduardo Hentschel Lobo da Costa.
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    I've been here in this site some 20 times and finaly got some time to sign your guest book.
    Congratulations for your job !

    Ed Hentschel
    Dooo beeee doooo beeee doooooooooo...
    I am Bob.
    My EMail address is timeless@gulftel.com
    Add me ...Yes, if you'll respect me in the morning.
    I have no idea who or what I just signed up with. However, being somewhat of a net surf adventururer, I figured, "what the hell."
    So...here I am. Lets see how the water is.
    My favorite movie is "The Godfather 1902-1958. The Complete Epic."
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    I am Rico Burgos
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    Have an excellent day!!!
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    I am Bernard Olmstead.
    My EMail address is bern@cisnet.com
    Add me...T'would be madness to refuse
    Just browsing. I'm a newbie, please excuse any faux pas. If you want a movie list, without a doubt, the following qualify:
    Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail
    The Producers
    Noises Off
    Being There
    Once Upon a Time in the West
    Jurassic Park
    Animal Crackers
    What's Up Tiger Lily
    Christmas Story
    The Natural
    RMA: You and me Bernie. You and me.
    It's dark in here.
    I am Virginia Williams.
    My EMail address is Chloe1369@aol.com
    Add me...T'would be madness to refuse
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    I am David MacGowan.
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    Thanks for the memories!
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I am Ken Kelson.
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    I am jacquelyn ottomeyer.
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    _a room with a view_
    _apocalypse now_

    there are just so many...
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    I am E.G.Cadorin.
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    Love Me Tonight (1932) Rouben Mamoulian director
    Les Vacances de M. Hulot, Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953) Jacques Tati
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    Uff Dah
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    The above site is a gateway to my, my husband's, and my stepson's homepages. My own homepage is the above plus "/ra.html". On my homepage I've begun a list (still short) of pages that celebrate words. I plugged in "fun words" in the Lycos search engine and your site was the second listed. It's delightful and I'll be adding it to my list. (By the way, the first site listed was "Archive of Endangered, Special, or Fun Words" at "http://www.infi.net/%7Ervance/esofword.html," another great site.) On my own page I also have links to my "Fortune Balls from Outer Space" a photo gallery, and more. You're welcome to drop me a message if you visit!
    It's been a pleasure visiting your pages.
    Rhonda Smith
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    OI am Joe Waldrop.
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    Rob, you are too cool.
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    leaving las vegas
    12 monkeys
    elephant man
    saturday night fever
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    I am Cindy Dunable.
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    My Homepage URL is Unfortunately, not yet.
    Day of the Dolphin
    Omega Man
    The Blues Brothers
    The Breakfast Club
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Breakfast At Tiffany's
    Apollo 13
    Die Hard & Die Harder
    The Good, Bad and Ugly
    The Terminator & "2"
    Thunderbold and Lightfoot
    Griffin and Phoenix
    Phantom of the Paradise
    Beverly Hills Cop
    Top Gun
    The Hustler/The Color of Money
    Risky Business

    Would you call this a diverse group???
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    I am Peter Elliott Diamond.
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    Terrific site and I loved all your movies, especially Nashville. Do people ever confuse you with that dumb photographer?
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    Add me...I thought you'd never ask!
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    Wow! Nice pictures! Especially that of Elton John and of Joe Montana (the one without the coach...:-).
    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks Rob, I now get the Meaning of Life.
    I am Chelsea.
    My EMail address is catwoman@hub.ofthe.net
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    I already got the Meaning of Life.
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    Add me...T'would be madness to refuse "Trip to the Moon"
    RMA: Linda Menzies is the niece of John C. Menzies, an early silent filmaker who created "A Trip to the Moon," a seminal special effects film circa 1910. Mr. Menzies also created all the backdrops for Gone With the Wind.
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    all your friend
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    Very interesting. A lot of time & effort was obiviously put in here. I like how you recorded your history instead of trying to keep current.
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    I am ron wright.
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    I, I,... Why... I'm lost.
    you have shown me a new pool to drink from......
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    China Blue
    Name of the Rose
    Fox and the Hound
    Gator Bait
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    I am Jovic Isidoro.
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    I am very much facinated by the '60's era. The music, ideology & culture was, I believe, unique in a different way from past decades and will be in the present '90's.
    My all-time favorite movies are Deer Hunter, Godfather (I, II, & III), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Legends of the Fall, JFK, The Shining, Trading Places, Young Frankenstein, Platoon.
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    Killing Fields
    Rob, you are too cool.
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    I enjoyed the Seinfeld article.
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    I am Elam Blackman (Hildy's Son.)
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    Thanks for sharing your photos. It was great seeing my mom when she was a young one.
    Great site!

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    I am Mike Forster.
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    Add me...T'would be madness to refuse
    Fave movies include Chinatown, Clockwork Orange, Young Frankenstein, and Dr. Strangelove.
    3/ 2/96
    It's déja vu all over again.
    I've not had so much on the Net in months.
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    Unreal.... simply, unreal.... trip down Rock & Roll memory lane...
    Favorite movie??? hhmmmmmmm.... hands down winner:Blade Runner.
    Me and a few of my friends...

    I already got the Meaning of Life.
    Congratulations you have amused us for the last hour or so!
    I am Duncan Garrett.
    My EMail address is garretts@sonic.net
    rob, you are obviously a graduate of the sixties who's still pumpin' out good stuff. I am very impressed that you have captured the spirit of this new net-babble. so how do you follow that act?. Duncan Garrett UK photographer chillin' in Sonoma County,CA.
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    Thank you for a *wonderful* Sunday morning.
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    Magnificent! It has been a real honor visiting your site. Without doubt, this is my favorite on all the Net. And, thanks for the memories.... I'd forgotten so much.

    Jim Pailin (aka Maj.Taylor)
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    I am Barry Kusumo
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    Add me...I thought you'd never ask!
    I am only a film student from Padua University (Italy) so...
    1) Citizen Kane
    2) Reds
    3) Dead Poets` Society
    4) Manhattan
    5) They All Laughed
    6) Modern Times
    7) Taxi Driver
    8) Apocalypse Now
    9) The 400 Blows
    10) Short Cuts (!)
    and many many others...
    just kiddin'...Mr. Altman, thanks !
    Check, please.
    I am De Ridder Peter
    Favourite photographer : Oliviero Toscani
    Don't watch movies ... No time
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    Your words are worth a thousand pictures.


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