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Choice Personal Websites
Friends and other people I admire

Best Search Engine there is.

Merriam-Webster's dictionary.
Webster's for Websters.

All-in-one Search & Link Page
Thanks to Ira Sterbakov!

Stands on the shoulders of giants to meta-search.
Extraordinarily powerful, multithreaded search site. Maybe the best.
250 Internet search engines on one page. Includes a personal customizer.

Yahoo - A Who's Who on WWW
Ya 'hoid  of me? I'm aWHO  here.

Wanna find your ex girlfriend; your long lost childhood pal?
Over 90 million 'listed' names here nationwide. Whoa!

Phonebooks Helps Find People, Phone Numbers, and Addresses
Another remarkable sleuthing tool.

Who Where
Remarkable search directory.
Includes E-mail Addresses; Phone Numbers & Addresses; Personal Home Pages and much more.

Cyber Cafes.Com
Planetary locations to check your e-email

Cybercafes Guide
Internet Cafes, netcafes, cyber cafes worldwide

The Cybercafe Search Engine
Yet another...

11-million U.S. businesses, maps and free home pages

Roget's Thesaurus
You won't be speechless.

Bartlett's Quotations
Passages, Phrases and Proverbs traced to their sources.

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

The Elements of Style, Strunk and White
The Bible

The Library of Congress
Whoa! Catalogs, Historical Collections, Global Legal Information, Copyright Records

DeLorme | Maps and Mapping Software?
The lleader- maps, atlases, mapping software and online mapp-apps!
Maps, Driving Directions, Local City and Travel Guide.

Bored with traveling digitally. Go Analog!

US Postal Service's
Zip Codes; Rates, Services, etc.

Family Search
Search for information about your ancestors

The New York Times
Do you take the Times?

The Village Voice
OK, it's watered down, but it's that "damn hippie commie pinko paper anyway."

San Francisco Bay Area by Yahoo
Where to go, what to do and where to drop your in-laws.

An extensive list of magazines on the net.

In-depth, up-to-date information about what's happening in San Francisco

San Francisco Movie Schedules

The San Francisco Gate's Film Guide

Yahoo Restaurants
Let's Eat!

Transit Information: The San Francisco Bay Area
In transit ? Instant online access.

What can I say. This place rocks. It's become indispensable.
"So many sites. So little time. Making sense of the Net."

Getting robbed with a fountain pen? Fight back!
Here's the world's most comprehensive list of Internet service providers.

Price Watch
Street Price Search Engine. Very helpful.

Search:The Web; Usenet; Ftp; Newswires; BizNews; Stock;
Quotes; Weather; Yellow Pages; White Pages; Maps.
The buying servce where you name the price! Travel
Planning and flight-booking site.
Special Deals, check airfares, purchase tickets, hotel and car reservations, ,etc

BT Finance Currency Converter
Quickly convert your "US Dollar" into any major international currency.
I would like to convert


Free automated Web graphics. Next step...Web driven apps!

Resource Advantage
Sourcebook for photography and film production

Well done Schockwave file
Oh yes, you might get enlightened too!

Apple iCards
Good ol' Steve Jobs.

"Shit makes great fertilizer, but it takes a farmer to turn it into a meal."
"An experiment in provocation, mordant deconstructionism, and buzz-saw journalism."

Adam & Tonya Engst publish my favorite Mac based electronic magazine.
* Warning... may be habit forming.

The Surfing Monkey
Formerly the WebWorld of Alex Bennet. Howard Stern has nothing on our Alex.

The Asylum Is gone but I still have their great Barney sound bytes!
My kinda town. Listen to "Barney Meets the Gestapo"
or hear "When Barney Met Salley." (Here are 2 sample sound files.)

Pizza Net
Top your pie with eyeballs, kittons, toast, Altoids and garlic!

Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web
If you don't have a life, proceed.



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