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"One of this century's finest photographers... "   Woodstock '69 Gallery

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"The Museum of the City of San Francisco is linking with your extraordinary pages on San Francisco life. The quality of the photographs is absolutely stunning."...Dave Fowler

"This is one of the last sites on the Net you should ever visit, because once you see it, nearly everything else will be a disappointment."... as reviewed in "Yahoo! Unplugged."

"I bet the other Robert Altman gets asked if he's the photographer"...Guy Kawasaki, Apple Overlord Evangleist

"-- its like an online Mad Magazine! Your photographs are wonderful -- thanks for sharing them."...Laura Lemay, Author of 'Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in a Week.'

"And for an innovative use of the client pull extension coupled with background color and title tags, go to the hompage of Robert Altman, not the director but of another creative spirit."...New Media Magazine (October 1995)

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Top Photo Design Award: Robert has a wide range of images from musical rock groups in the 60's to street shooting as well as fine art, this web site contains 18 galleries to choose from, and links to dozens of other sites.

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January 1998!

"Robert, a former Rolling Stone photog has shot pictures of every Rock and Roll star who matters, as well as actors, world leaders, artists, and the occasional regular Joe. His web design is brilliant, with elaborate multimedia done in a way that you 486er's can enjoy it along with you Pentium II people.

He has taken on the added title of video producer. His QT is there to check out, along with his great films list and (of course) his brilliant use of the camera. The images are tiny, but they look big. Sound is provided, via midi music.

It is possible to make a great web experience while gobbling a tiny amount of bandwidth."

January 1996!
"For the week of January 22, 1996 - Robert Altman has put together a collection of his photos. These include a bunch of shots that he took for Rolling Stone in the sixties, as well as more recent efforts. Also included here are anecdotes about many of the rock stars, singers, actors, et al that he's photographed. In addition, the site has numerous links to other pages that will likely interest anyone who, like me, is touched by this man's work. Enjoy!"

June 17
"Something similar recently happened to me. I hit the January 22nd link, and it looked like a site I'd never seen before! The proprietor has been hard at work, improving things and improving what was already an outstanding site.

The MultiMedia Pick for --Robert Altman Productions

If you haven't hit this spot lately, hang on to your seat. It's absolutely amazing. Included, along with a ton of classic rock and roll photos, are The Great Films List, Cool Words That Are Fun to Say, a tribute to San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen, and lots more new pics. There are sound bites, too. Take a look! "

 "The world renowned rock photographer Altman has amassed a body of work that has made him one of rock and roll's greatest photographers.

Since the Sixties Altman has established a legendary body of work."

The ArtRock Gallery

The McKinley Internet Directory

"The Robert Altman Communications Web page offers a large collection of images and information from this former photographer for Rolling Stone magazine. Users will find historical information on the photographer, including commentary and background material on many of the photographs found here. There is also a large collection of photography online, including a selection of music- related photographs culled from Altman's earlier photojournalism work." (4 stars is the maximum rating)

Four Radiation Warnings!!

"This is a massively radioactive site and a fine example of the power of HTML! The Florida Mutants love it and give it a big three thumbs up!!"... Brian's Clark

his fascinating photo gallery is part of the private Web site of Robert Altman (not that  Robert Altman -- this one used to shoot covers for Rolling Stone). The various galleries offer a tour through Altman's shooting life: the emphasis is on music and the 1960's (Janis Joplin, the Rolling Stones, and a boyish-looking Neil Young). The "Celebrity Wing" offers lovely portraits and funny stories about Joe Montana, Kirstie Alley and Groucho Marx. This guy is very, very good: a great find for anyone who likes portraits, rock history, or modern culture in general."
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Award Dec. 20, 1995

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Award- PC Computing Magazine's Best Internet Sites, Dec. 1995

America Online thinks your site will be very attractive to our members and accordingly we will be providing a link on the AOL Service to your site"... America Online Webmaster

Rob Morse's Column,
San Francisco Sunday Examiner and Chronicle
January 1, 1995


I was un-cooly floundering through the Internet at The Icon Byte Bar & Grille with composer David Litwin and rock photographer Robert Altman. They had me hitting blinking keys and making hyper-text markup language links, or whatever, to get to programs offered by INTRRRR NRRRD, It was easier to do than to say or comprehend.
"This is the future." said Altman. "This is not the CB radio craze. This is it."

Altman's photographs are now displayed worldwide on the Internet. His friend, rock star David Crosby, who is recovering from surgery in L.A., put it in a nice way. He said that space travel never came true, but the Internet part of it has.

Jon Warren Lentz
Photo Metro Magazine
May, 1996

"Robert Altman is a mercurial talent who has led both his profession and his generation and who has--in turn--been turned and led by the events impacting his generation and his profession. If this was true of the young Altman, former chief-photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, then it is a treble verity for the 51 year old award-winning web master, educator and photographer-gone-digital.

In my opinion, the quality and character of Altman's presence on the web is emblematic of a new future for photographers and photography as well. ...Although Altman's site has an certain authority which derives from the overall high quality of his archive, it is also, at turns, bravely idiosyncratic, raw, embarrassing, chic, kitsch, sublime, tawdry, nostalgic, sublime, sweet, and personal....there are several powerful bodies of work here.

In a medium where you can have dynamite content and still have a terrible web site, Altman's site succeeds in both areas. It is well crafted throughout. Everything is tuned for the WWW medium and perfectly balanced at the antipodes of image-quality and download-speed."

Altman is a renowned photographer who has worked for Rolling Stone and throughout his photographic career documented music and culture from the sixties and beyond.

He has photographed many sixties luminaries such as Tim Leary, Ken Kesey, and the days of the hippie movement in San Francisco. His photographs capture the style of his subjects, including the punk energy of Iggy Pop (my favorite image), the eccentricity of Bo Diddley, and the spirit of Tina Turner.

Altman's images reflect a history and kinship with his subjects; he transcends the sense of observer to become closer, catching the off-guard and often unseen personalities in the presence of his camera.

Music Photography -

"An amazing collection of photographs, animations..." Bay Area Art Source

"The job is so new there's no "average" profile for its occupants who vary widely in age and backgrounds like former Rolling Stone photographer Robert Altman." MASTERS OF THE WEB, Linda Dailey Paulson, San Francisco Examiner (Aug. 13)

"Hey Hey! I'm the CD-ROM editor at a magazine called The Net. Robert Altman Communications has received the highest rating possible in our Reviews section." ...Lauren Guzak

Inner Views with Shining Souls "Robert has the warped and wonderful sense of humor that I find is often the product of those of us that survived and treasure the 60's. Don't miss his work, it's classic!...Chelle Rogers.

"The ABSOLUTE Best Website in existence (other than my own *wink*) is Robert Altman's WWW Page. This is a definite MUST-SEE!"... J.C. Lopez

"IMHO this one of the finest pages on the WWW, indeed it is one of the finest collections of images from a very skilled photographer and documentator. Being a photojournalist I can really appreciate this page..." Mark Lewis.

"I have seen enough to put you at the top of my list...'a great introduction to photography on the WWW.' Your pages are so well done and I enjoyed them so much."... Jeff Stanford, PhotoGum

"This is Robert Altman the former chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, not Robert Altman the film director. After viewing some of his photos, I realized what the phrase "a photo is worth a thousand words" means. He has tons of photos, his pages featuring everyone from Groucho Marx to Joe Montana to Cintra Wilson to lesser known subjects. I was really surprized how much his photo of former Cheers star Kirstie Alley amazed me. He made her look "timeless", a word often used to describe stars like Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monroe. And, as with all of his photos, he gives you a few details on Kirstie under the photo. I smiled when I saw how much Groucho Marx looked like my grandfather does now, and again when read that he hated Richard Nixon. His pictures that were taken during the 60's did something for me that no other picture taken during that period has been able to do: give me a real feel of the era without showing me a peace rally, a civil rights clash, or a VW bus.

This site is wonderful, not only for those who are photo-enthusiasts, but also by people who love looking at beautiful or moving things (I think that includes everyone). SIZZLING!!!: Hotter than...well, you know where. Couldn't put it on my hotlist fast enough!" Tap panga

"The realm of the digital is where world views collide: order and chaos, science and imagination, truth and fiction. And in its midst, attempting to express and disseminate those dichotomies is the artist. There is no better place where these struggles are more artfully expressed in the photographic medium than in Robert Altman's digital gallery."
...LD Paulson, ComputerEdge Magazine Cover Story

"An amazing museum of images...

Altman took some of the most memorable images of the last three decades of music and counter-culture around.

His images have impacted our minds and memories. In addition to many images of the rock stars he caught in the bloom of their youth, there are scads of photos of the 60s and the movers and shakers who helped make what happened happen. Most of the images contained in this online gallery are accompanied with related links.

Mr. Altman is probably unapproachable in photography as a perfect blend of photojournalist and star-shooter. His access to the moments and individuals which created the cultural shift in the 60s put him in the unique place of being the ONLY person who could have taken many of the pictures he took. In effect, this made him one of the movers and shakers of that era, by virtue of his bringing these images to our eyes and our minds. Without this imagery, many of the heroes of that generation may not have been as deified as they became.

In his site he documents not only his prolific photographic output, but his own life - then and now - and there really is no better online document of that era and it's transformation into this one. There's no reason this site shouldn't be a mecca."

Fierce Magazine

"This is hands down the best site I've visited this year" ...Robert Downs Photography

"Definitely the best photographs i've ever seen on the web"...Gerhard Schaufelberger

"Extremely cool site! Wonderful sight, wonderful taste, wonderful eye!"...Bill Weir, Seattle film maker and writer.

I was in Viet Nam 69-70, this was the first time I've seen most of these pictures, thanks for putting them on the net,absolutely outstanding. Bob James

"My son sent me your site the other day and I spent this morning traveling around it... I am breathless with visual pleasure and wonderful nostalgia. Thank you"...Elizabeth Karan

"What a great Web site! One of my very favorites."...David Leming, Cen-Com Internet Software

"You are awesome! I was just having a conversation yesterday afternoon about how boring and uncreative most URLs are...when serendipity lead me to find your site"...Melissa J. Austin

"I can feel the power of what was happening when you took those pictures."...Paula Valentine

"I've already spent more time here than I've ever spent on a web page. Very nice; evocative, much pleasure for ME!"... Ned Fagan

"Thank you Sir for the education that my era is so ignorant too, we are willingly blinded to our countries history even events that happened just around the corners from our homes. I was browsing through your photo album and came across photographs of people on Mt.Tamalpias, I have come to find that my mother and father spent many of the teen age years there. I never realized it had any significance such as the "holding together." I feel as if I now have a connection with my parents past, and I can relate to the era that they grew up in. Your website is a total sensory experience and again I want to thank you for that."... Kristina Govoni

"Not only am I enjoying your photos but several of your images have taken me straight back to another time, another life."... Ray Hale, Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, FL

"What I love is that your photos speak to me like murals. When I see them they are like listening to my favorite music. They take me back or forward in time."... Odilia Galvan Rodriguez

"Thanks for helping to make the Web a place of cultural, historical, and artistic hipness. True story: After I was browsing through your gallery of photos I forgot the current date for a moment...1969?...Uh, no, that should be 1996... And I was straight! I will point more folks to your site. Keep up the good work!
CYBERPAX,- Leslie Owen Everett - Mass College of Art - Computer Arts Center

"Your site was one of the most influential ones that I had ever been.

Today, I feel sic that I ws born in the wrong time at the wrong place. Maybe todays world does not influence me as much as the late 60's does. I guess, thats where you are lucky .... DAMN lucky. Thanks for all the pains you have put into your site. I enjoyed it a lot."

Gyanesh M Khanolkar, India

"Your site is really fantastic! I love the films of the man who has same name of yours. But your site is more interesting than his films. By the way, I'm writing a article about INTERNET museum and artists for Japanese Version of "Esquire Magazine". I'm very glad if I can have a comment from you. I hope your site will be known everybody! "... Katsuhiko SUGIHARA

"I stumbled across you're page and was truly stunned, consumed, and breathtaken by the images I saw, and just wanted to give you a shout out to say that what you've got is a beautiful thing there, whatever it is, and thanks for sharing. Your Friend, Hilary"

"Your creativity is entertaining! Thanks for letting me see what ELSE can be done with the net."...Elizabeth Marrin

" Love your page. Best I've found. Keep it up."... D & C Leming

First off I have no idea why I'm writing this other than I somehow feel obligated to thank you for making this available on the internet. I am sitting here several hours past when I was to leave work on a Friday addicted to the site. I'm a 35 year old guy that is just old enough to remember the time that most of these photos capture but not nearly old enough to understand it. Somehow after clicking until my fingers ache I almost feel as if I was there for a moment. It kind of takes me back when I look at the old black and whites of myself as a kid. Thank you very much, this has certainly been the most rewarding internet experience I've every had and I've worked with this business for a very long time.

Thank you again, Charles Dobbins

"I really enjoyed the photographs. You have obviously put much care into this, and it shows. Very nice!"...Karl Nehring

"Robert, I just have to tell you that your web site is consistently the most fun and well done sites around -- whenever I come back to it I am newly impressed! This time I really liked the Netscape 2.0 photo gallery -- what a *perfect* use for the columns. If only all web publishers were as creative and had a good eye!"...Bryna Bank, CyberOrganic

"Thank you...This is great! I spent 10 yrs on the road after leaving home at 16 to get to know Amarika up close and personal like, (A very informative adventure). Well worth every moment. I've been basing myself out of Eugene Or. for the last 6 yrs, getting to know the community, taking classes at the community college when I can.

Well, anyway, through a twist of fate, one of my friends won over 30 mil in the Ca. lotto and sent me a computer. It was enough instigation to borrow the money to go back to college full-time. I'm half way through my first semester(oh-boy). To make a long story short, I bumped into your web page surfing tonight and man was I impressed. To see so much of what makes my life a pleasure, in one place, has really given me a booster shot of faith in humanity,(ya, I know, a little thick).

Thanks for this beautiful web page.

Long Life, Good Health, Peace of Mind"...Anthony D. Cormier

"I am still totally blown away when I brouse through your gallery. All I can say is, "Wow!"...Debbie Miller

"This is the most awesome page I've ever seen!!...Adam Meek

"Thank you for providing one of my all time favourite web sites."...Cameron Evans, Australia

"This Site ROCKS!!! Love your graphics."... Peter Beckman

"Hey, I'm real glad somebody back in the 60's had a camera and was able to operate it. Your web site is fantastic, really a work of art. Way to go."... rainy daze

"Magnificent! It has been a real honor visiting your site. Without doubt, this is my favorite site on all the Net. ...Jim Pailin (aka Maj.Taylor)

"luv yr site"... Michelle Austad

"Love your art"... Larson Rider

"Your Gallery is boss."...Tom Page.

"Very talented"...JC Paradiso

"Unbelievable !!!"... Michael Sullivan.

"Way Kool!!"... Vanessa Kaye

"The only thing I have to say is... This site is GREAT !"... Karine Labelle

"From one photo dude to another... your images are great!"... Bill Schwab

"You are a Web god! "... Jim Snow

"This is what makes the WEB worthwhile. Keep it up!"... Jim LeDuc

"...a truly talented and funny man."...Stretch

"There's a lot to ponder. Outstanding job....I've always enjoyed your work" ...Robert J.Luedeka

"I found your pages and gallery fun, enjoyable and a great way to bring back memories."...Maurice East.

"I am a twenty year old photographer in Connecticut. I wanted to tell you that I love and have great respect for your work. My major influences range from Ansel Adams to Linda McCartney, and you are among them. I really enjoyed your gallery, and hope to see more of your work." ...Jerrold Alokones

"Your homepage is one of the more interesting."...Bruce Toms

Surfed into your stuff over lunch and spent way too much time going through it. Wonderful. Kinda "took me home", to happier, simpler days, sadness and melancholy recalling friends lost to time and distance. I almost cried, and still may.

Thank you so much. Chaz Clover

I cannot see because my eyes are not dry. These were the best times of my life. I cannot believe I did not die. I was fifty-one last month and seeing this beautiful website has made me feel like a kid again. I t is one of the best places I've ever clicked on. It just popped up out of nowhere on WebFerret! What a remarkable job. I would like to add your site to my links with hopes that you continue to get more and more "hits" on there!! Thank you very much, Happy Thanksgiving and ....God Bless you...
Kevin Hennessey
Medway, Maine 04460

"Stumbling around your site is absolutely awesome!"...Herb Goldblum, Chevron

"You think you recognise the name? I think you do. Altman's archive has some really historic rock, folk, everything musical portraits, gig shots, candids. Pleasantly unpredictable: you thought you were going to get a big JPEG, but instead you zoomed in on a close-up of part of the original file (etc)."...The Global Network Navigator

i love it, every photo sent this strange fuzzy feeling throughout my body. i have always pondered the thought of why i was born in this era, i am now 19.... i feel almost robbed or raped of what would have been the best experience. i did realize however, someone needs to be around to keep the spirit alive :) but anyways i think your photographs are so beautiful. peace. blessed be. kristin rude

What a full, rich, and enchanted life you have had. I envy your memories... to have been at the center of it all. You should do a book...sort of a recollection of the '60s for the rest of us...a national scrapbook of sorts. Thanks for the trip back....Robert Abbate

"Anyone interested in the history of rock should visit the online gallery of San Francisco-based photographer Robert Altman. The ex-Rolling Stone lensman has assembled a wonderfully well-presented celebration of his life's work, with a host of rock and celebrity pictures from the last 25 years (including Mick Jagger, Dennis Hopper, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison) and some great stories (particularly his historic lunch with Groucho Marx)... Vox Magazine

"He sure has a good Web site, and he was the chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine. Needless to say, his Classic Rock Photo Gallery is a must to visit, but this huge site is worth spending some time in." As reviewed in Excite NetSearch

"Former Rolling Stone photographer Robert Altman's snapshots of famous people, with a focus on Sixties-era rock stars. On a tour of the site you'll catch Janis Joplin on-stage at the Avelon Ballroom, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards recording Let It Bleed, and Roger Daltrey performing TOMMY with The Who. The photographs are uniformly excellent."... The Global Network Navigator

"Any guy who has taken photos of Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia, Groucho Marx and Beaver Cleaver must be cool. Robert Altman has a Web site loaded with pictures from his portfolio that span three decades. In his former career, Altman was the chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine. His Web site showcases his best work from the Rolling Stone years, as he captured everything from the psychedelic music revolution of the late 1960's to the political activism of a generation who refused to remain silent.

Although a good photo is worth a thousand words, Altman chooses to complement these stark portraits with interesting anecdotes. Read Groucho Marx's blunt description for his disgust for former President Nixon. Find out how hard it is to convince Bonnie Raitt to sit still for a snapshot. Other celeb mugshots on the site include those of Dennis Hopper, Caesar Chavez, Elton John, Mick Jagger and Timothy Leary. Altman recently traded his photo lens for a digital camera, and teaches Web design at the Center for Electronic Art in San Francisco. This is one Web site suitable for framing." Bonnie J. Burton, Feb, 1996, The Net magazine

"You've discovered the meaning of life, the universe & everything. You have created an astounding site and the fine art images are some of the strongest work I've seen. Steven Hays,

"Yo Robert, read about you in the Examiner today. Just adding you to my music & the Net feature back in the UK...keep up the good work" ... Steve Rapport Photography

"There are one of the best designed www pages that I have ever seen. The presentation is truly superb. Congratulations for the html wizardry and also for the photographs ! "... Quang-Tuan Luong , UC Berkeley Robotics Lab

"Your page is just too cool. It's like a tsunami! I adore your photos. Thank you for your incredible contribution."...Linda Menzies, niece of filmaker John C. Menzies ( A Trip to the Moon, Gone With the Wind backdrops.)

"You really opened my eyes to online publishing"...David Owens.

"Congratulations on a beautiful and funny net-home. You are a first class Web page designer."... Jonathan Gerfen, Computerware

"This is seriously a great page. I always start my browsing here. GOOD JOB SIR!"... Charles Kohler

"I love your pages. They sure brought back some wonderful memories."...B. Serenity Sherman

"Woweeeeee!"...Betsy Scholl

"This page is Great!!!"...Juan P. Poblano

"Two words: excellent pics!" ... Ken Woo

"This is by far one of the top 3 sites I've seen on the Web."... John Morris

"Your fantastic website is an inspiration and has filled me with an unrelenting burst of creative energy. I am a medical photographer and freelance photojournalist from Philadelphia"...Roger Barone

"Nice place to lose some hours. Gawd, is it seven already? "... Gregg Mathis

"Thank you for an interesting afternoon."...Neil Parker

"I'm pretty sure I saw my mother in a few of your photographs!"...Jon Tyson

"I absolutely love your pages! Thanks for the ride"... Grace Ryan, ArtSearch

"I love your list of Cool Words That Are Fun To Say...and I just had to tell you that you're awesome...Suzio

"Deep joy. Your picture is greatly beautiful."...Yamaken, Keio University Graduate School

"Your site has thrilled me! I have been truly inspired by your page design." Michelle Kite

"Now that you have your smoke and drink in hand, you're bound to want to email those less fortunate something that they can enjoy. Well, look no further. The Postcard store is a terrific alternative to snail mail. You can select and send a beautiful electronic postcard to anyone with an Internet address. The choices run the gamut from works by Monet, da Vinci and Van Gogh to Robert Altman's "Sixties." ... Tana B. (Diotima) Graphic HTML designer, writer, poet and a close personal friend of Aphrodite.

"Great work! If you liked our "Drop Acid Not Bombs" Christmas postcard ( I sent it to the 2000 people on my Christmas list) Robert Altman's Website is a must-see. No, silly rabbit. Not that Robert Altman (who will hereafter be referred to as the old Robert Altman). This is the new Robert Altman. Robert Altman, the fantastic photographer (who is taking the WWWench out to an extremely good dinner, the next time she's in California)."...Jane Loader

"Loved the tour. Thanks" ...Mike Bevan, Site Designer

"Mind boggling!"...Graeme Abernethy

"Nice page!!! Very enjoyable...worth returning to." Don Critchley

"You're good!"... Greg Husak

"LOve your site!"...Cliff Love, Web Sorcerers

"Totally cool page...tell me how you did it?"...Thomas Burke

"...looks very good. Overall, very professional..." ...Craig Newmark

"Really enjoyed the gallery. I plan on re-visiting soon."... Bill Feinstein

"Hahahahahaha . . . hell, Altman, very cool web site. "...Robin O'Donnell

"Thanks for the good work, Mr. Altman!" ...Dan Belich

"I have been truly blown away. Your work is incredible! As a photographer myself I can truly say that the images you capture are beautiful. Thank you for putting your inspirational images on the net."... Mark Batten-O'Donohoe - Brisbane Australia

"Your site's pretty f'ing awesome.....I'm enjoying myself a little too's so much fun it's hard to believe it's LEGAL!"...FREE4MDJ@AOL

"Thanks for the nickle Mr.A"...Stephen Watkins

"You have an awesome site. I am VERY impressed!!!..." Tom Branan, Branan Photography, Advertising, & Video

"Great Stones Photos!! Great HTML !"... Stacy Rosenstock Photography

"Oh WOW!!! Your pictures are GREAT!!! Even with a slow connection, it was worth every blink of the N!!!!!!!!!!!!"...Sandra Whiting

"It's fantastic. WOW ! I'm truly impressed with the body of work."... Stephen Schwartz, Producer

"Robert Altman Communications...A button-down name for a web site that couldn't be less corporate in nature. Lots of Robert Altman photographs of the Rolling Stones has contributed to this site ringing up over 64,000 visitors in the past year." ...Calgary Herald News photographer Rob Galbraith

"A collection of celebrity photos - really interesting!"... The Hollywood Shopping Network

"I was absolutely moved by your photos and commentary. So much so that I have selected your pages as The Bald Guy's Multimedia Pick of the Week!
Congratulations! And thanks for sharing your genius with the rest of us."...Ron Enderland

"Thank you for a wonderful site."...James McInish

"I've always loved your work, Robert, and enjoyed going through the site. The picture of Iggy Pop is GREAT!"...John McBride

"Great web site, I loved it. It seems with the enormous accessibility to the web everyone has a page, but most just suck.... yours was a definite exception......" Eric Medlock

"A stud-studded webpage."... Stammtisch Beau Fleuve!

"I love Rock-N-Roll I really enjoyed seeing your images."...Carla Van Wagoner

"Day one on the Net. Great I landed here somehow looking for Mick Jagger."...Jocy Kirk

"This is a fabulous site! I spent much time on it and will probably spend some more."...Colin F. Cushing, Cornell National Supercomputing Facility

"I spent about 90 minutes with your page yesterday...I got OBSESSED. No shit, my man, it is one of the great sites I've seen." Poet, Kenneth Wolman

"I must compliment you on your site, it has been one of the most enjoyable since I have been on the net..." John Paul Mains, InterMarket Associates, Washington, DC

"Great stuff"...Elbert Kennard

"You're so Hip you're Hep!"...Kim Haughton

"Looked at your link and was astounded! Your work is wonderful, and a pleasure to view"...Mike Stinson, graphic artist

"Love your page. Grrrrrrrreat stuff."...Eric S., Autodesk, Inc.

"I enjoyed checking out your page" ...Michael Cannon, WZLX-FM Boston

"Thank You!" ...Kate Smith

"One of the best sites I've seen"... Henry Richardson

"Thanks for this most enjoyable of web sites."... Howard Satinsky

"Great photos! It reminds me of when life was still cool."...Cyndy Taschman

"This note is in appreciation for your efforts over many years in bringing us images of our idols."...Michael

"I like your Web site !!! "...Jordan Garn, Worldtel,Vancouver,B.C.

"This electronic version of it must have been a lot of work, too.
Great Eye Candy!! Thanks for the treat!" ....Heather Bickle

"Loved floating through the photo gallery and reliving those magic days...
What a DELIGHT to re-LIGHT the fuse !!!!!!!! " ...Bob Brault

"I am brother of the late singer you have pictured here (Janis Jopln).
She would really think this is a hoot." Thanks... Michael Joplin

"You are the coolest of cool, the hippppist of hip, the man, the main man. Who loves ya?"...Madaline Eastman (Jazz Vocalist)

"Yo, Rob. Big time cool. Nice to see some CONTENT on the net" ... Kevin Doyle (DocOzone)

"Terrific site, Robert! I'd hate to have missed this."...Jeffrey Korst, ComputerWare

"I too, am a sixties kinda guy and just journey you provided for us is one of the finest things I've seen on the net. Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful memories. I'll be back...and "click"..back...and "click" infinitum. Don't go anywhere please."...Richard Hollenbeck

"Love and Haight. I spent a lot of time in the San Francisco rock scene during the '60s. Now, when I want to see Janis Joplin or Jerry Garcia, I can take a trip through time at Robert Altman's Website. The ex- Rolling Stone photographer's work appears in black and white, but you can still see clearly just how smooth a very young Mick Jagger's skin used to be."...John Eckhouse, Ho me PC Magazine

"Hey Rob- the page is too fantabulous for words- but I'll give it a shot've managed to capture the essence of a period that my generation would've loved to have known...the people represented here are the ones who have helped us all get where we are today...keep up the great work!! "... Jen Long, Street Lights

"Robert, thanks for the great photos. This brain that is the internet is great. One key stroke and a life that I look back to in fondness is displayed on my monitor. hard to believe as i sit here in portland oregon suburbia..."Tim Frary

"Hey, this is getting cooler all the time" ... Eric Oesterle

"Pretty damn cool, I must say" ...Peter Fierlinger

"Good work!" ...Dan Duncan

"Excellent page. I particularly enjoy the classic rock aspect of it."... Scott Ferry

"Great pics. I really enjoy them. Thank you"... Charles Bulinda

"Great photos. Great site. I enjoyed it so much I'm having a acid flashback"....Mark...Sanderson Studio , Laguna Beach

"Well Damn! I'M impressed. The intimate quality of your portraits is striking... nice job, Rob." ...Ken Breland

"Wow, I wish I knew how to do this stuff. Wow! Yes!"... Aaron Gaul

"Robert, Thanks for the lesson" ...Maya Cain

"Hi bob - I'm a first time user and I, uh, loved your pages" ...Bob Roberts

"Nice place, I enjoyed the art as much as the photos!" ... Jesse Montrose, Webmaster- Alex Bennett's World

"This is a great page!!! I'll be returning often"...David E. Crutcher

"...what i have seen in your home page, they are great" ...Eleni Vasilopoulos

"Hey, these are ALMOST as good as my photos of the 60s!... not only were the photos really great, but it gave me a lot of incentive to get my page going again" ...Rudy Willis

"You have a nice page!" ... Sergio Paoli

"i think this is cool"... olsen

"I really enjoy Robert's Home Page and stop back by often."... Greg Hardison

"Great place to visit. Keep it up!"

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"You NEED FLOYD PICTURES!!!!!!!!!"... Kurt Caron


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