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Gallery A: 'Classic Rock'
Mick Jagger As you rarely see him.

Mick Jagger Color, in concert.

Mick Jagger Very Intimate B/W Portrait

Mick and Keith Producing "Let It Bleed," Electra Studios, Los Angeles

Mick Jagger In Concert, B/W

Charley Watts & Mick Taylor On the street, Los Angeles

Bill Wyman Dr. Winkie

Mick Jagger & Keith Richard Recording "Gimmie Shelter" from the "Let It Bleed" sessions, Electra, Los Angeles

Gallery AA: More "Classic" Rock
Jim Morrisson The Fillmore East, N Y

Janis Joplin The Avelon Ballroom, San Francisco

Elton John Psychedelic Version

Boz Scaggs T V Special, KQED, San Francisco

Iggy Pop Wild Man In Concert

Tina Turner Rolling Stone Cover

Joe Cocker The Mighty

Grace Slick San Francisco, 1969

Chuck Berry Back Retrospective Album Cover

Bo Diddley From the Rolling Stone Interview

More Music!
David Crosby Rolling Stone Cover

Roger Daltry, The Who - TOMMY at The Filmore West

Pete Townsend, The Who Performing TOMMY at The Filmore West

The Jefferson Airplane San Francisco, CA

Folk Musicians
Phil Ochs In Concert

Joan Baez Draft Card Burning, Central Park, N Y

Joni Mitchell In Concert B/W

Judy Collins & Steven Stills The One and Only Sweet "Judy Blue Eyes."

My Generation
Mimi Fariñia Big Sur, CA.

John Sebastian Eselan,CA.

Elvin Bishop In Concert B/W

Tiny Tim Profile Portrait

Gallery B: Woman

Cintra Wilson Actress, Playwright, Columnist

Patty Black and White study

Petra The Living Theatre

St.Annie The Lower East Side, NYC

Judith Karel Shakesperean Actress

Bergita With flower in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Gallery C: Big Shots: The 'Celebrity' Wing

Groucho Marx Los Angeles

Joe Montana B/W Studio Portrait

Gallery D: Mr. Sixties

Back to the Land, the Dream? Taos, New Mexico

Celebrate! The First Rave?

Drop Acid Not Bombs Anti War March

March on Washington The Pentagon, October, 1968

People's Park Berkely Street Confrontation

Amerika A Message to Uncle Sam

Black Panther Rally San Francisco

Hare Krishna Parade Golden Gate Park, S. F., USA

4Om Chant New York City, 1968

Yeah! Letting it all hang out in Berkeley

Gallery DD: More Sixties

Max Sheer Founder of The Berkeley Barb, Berkeley, CA

Sufi Sam, San Francisco, CA

Hershel Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

Dancing Hippies Berkeley, CA

Monday Night Class with Stephen Gaskin The Family Dog Ballroom- San Francisco, CA

Gallery E: Sixties Personalities

Ceaser Chavez Delano, CA

Ken Kesey, at his home in Springfield, Ore.

Timothy Leary at his home in Berkeley, CA

Baba Ram Das (Richard Alpert)

Swami Satchidananda The Woodstock Swami

Dennis Hopper Falling from the Hollywood Firmament

Peter Fonda "Captain Amrerica"

Jane Fonda San Francisco

DJ, Bob Fass and Abbie Hoffman at WBAI FM, NYC, where a lot of the 60's got born.

Julian Beck Founder, The Living Theatre

Gallery F: Fine Art, Inc.

Joeseph Alden Thompson Original TODAY Show Producer and host of The Music World of Joe Thompson

Prince Paul, Ringling Brothers Palliachi?

From "A Midsummers Night Dream" The NewShakespere Company, San Francisco

The Dais The 40th Anniversary of the United Nations

The Premiere Barry and Tanya Roberts at their James Bond Premiere

Whaaa? Biker Witch on Sutter Street, San Francisco

Smile Digital Wizzardry

My Little Town - San Francisco

Joe Montanna and Coach Bill Walsh 1984, SF Forty Niner World Champions
Maria Muldaur Blues singer extraordinaire: "Midnight at the Oasis."
B.J. McCallister, Fashion Model Sabina Models of San Francisco, 1982
Jerry Rubin During his San Francisco residency in the 70's.

Sean Mooney, 1979 Proprietor of Mooney's Irish Pub, North Beach, San Francisco
Warren Hinkle and Bentley Writer, Editor and Hell Raiser.
Entertainer Joel Grey and Hotelier Richard Swig At Symphony Fundraiser, Fairmont Hotel
Peter Mintun, Salon Pianist L'Etoile Restaurant, Nob Hill

Ann and Gordon Getty An evening at the San Francisco Symphony.
Singer Tony Bennet and SF. Congressman Quentin Kopp Inside former Mayor Diane Feinstein's private office.
Walter Shorenstein and Herb Caen Leading realtor and the World's Finest Three Dot Journalist.
Charlotte Mailliard Swig and Cyril Magnin Chief of Protocol Magnin and his dynamic deputy.
People from NYC to San Francisco took part in 60's protests to make the world a better place. Some of the causes which were championed in those days have become mainstream today. Protecting the environment is supported by cleaning services who follow green cleaning practices in their businesses.


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