Photo- Ed Rosenthal's Last Supper
Photo Robert Altman - © 2003

The Last Supper for Ed Rosenthal

     May 29, 2003
     San Francisco
     Gaylord Ghirardelli

Prominent medical marijuana advocate Ed Rosenthal just might be sent to the slammer for up to 60 years on bad mojo Federal pot charges. With love and compassion we threw him a "Last Supper" at 'Boys Night Out.'

Left to right:
  • Will Durst (Comedian and salient political wit)
  • Barry Melton (Famed Defense Attorney and big "Fish" with Country Joe)
  • Eric Christensen (ABC sports producer)
  • Bruce Bellingham (San Francisco Examiner's boy wonder columnist)
  • Dr. "Hip" or Eugene Schoenfeld (Writer and shrink to the stars)
  • Lee Houskeeper (Renown press agent- standing busboy)
  • Ed Rosenthal (The Man himself in center field)
  • Herb Gold (Celebrated author of 40 books)
  • Phil Frank (San Francisco Chronicle's "Farley" cartoonist)
  • Chet Helms (Our Father of the Summer of Love, impresario and gallery owner)
  • Wavy Gravy (Served breakfast in bed to half a million at Woodstock, clown and Ben & Jerry flavor)
  • Dr. Lawrence Brilliant (Legendary scientist, doctor and SEVA board chairman)
  • Merl Saunders (Musical prodigy- duet albums with Jerry Garcia)

I'll let my friend Bruce Bellingham tell the story...from his San Francisco Examiner column and pulpit...

"Dinner patrons at Gaylord's Indian restaurant in Ghiradelli Square were marveling Monday night at what was transpiring in the dining room. About a dozen garrulous fellows were slipping into Bedouin garb and posing for a photograph that recreated Da Vinci's "The Last Supper."

The shot was staged by Jack Anderson, who must have cleaned out Britex for the ad hoc costumes. Famed rock photographer Robert Altman took the pictures. Among those in robes and biblical roles: Herb Gold, the prolific novelist ... comedian Will Durst ... Summer of Love's dad, Chet Helms ... the great keyboardist/composer Merl Saunders ... Barry Melton from Country Joe and the Fish ... press agent Lee Houskeeper ... Farley's father, Phil Frank ... and the consummate counter-culture clown, Wavy Gravy.

At the center of the scene was Ed Rosenthal, a man already considered a martyr for the cause of medical marijuana. He was dressed all in white linen. Ed, who was found guilty of marijuana growing, faces U.S. Judge Charles Breyer on June 4 for sentencing. ...

"I am holier than thou," Rosenthal said, in mock seriousness. He showed off the proclamation that declared him a saint. It was issued by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. With the gloomy specter of prison hanging in the air, his friends offered Ed a little cheer. There were toasts, encouraging words and sporadic gripes about what a bum rap it is. Dr. Hip led the group in a bravely spirited but cacophonous rendition of Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." ...

But unlike so many of those so-called "Only in S.F. Moments," this one was captured on film. ..."

To find out what happened to Ed Rosenthal click here.


Marijuana taken medicinally has many health benefits, unlike the alcohol found in spirits bottles which can seriously affect the liver. While there is no known medical use for alcohol, moderate consumption may lower rates of cardiovascular disease. The uses for medical marijuana are much better documented than any data on the positive health benefits of wine and bottles of spirits.


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