Photo- Stephanie Farago
Photo Robert Altman - © 2003

Stephanie Farago   ~   "Stevie"

     Oct 10, 2003
     Los Angeles

When I count my blessings I find that knowing and loving some truly amazing friends is numero uno. Over the years too many have fallen away. When one reappears like Stevie, well, that's an incredible gift.

About a year ago I attended the opening party in San Francisco for my friend David Weissman's new movie- The Cockettes. In the midst of all the attendant hullabaloo he breezed over... grinning all the way.

"Robert. How would you like to meet Stephanie Farago?"

"Absolutely.   I'd love to!   Errrrr...who's Stephanie Farago?"

"You might have known her as Stevie."

"Stevie!" I whooped. I heard she was involved in this documentary but I thought she was in LA. Hadn't heard from her in decades. I grabbed David's arm and didn't let go as we made our way through the crush and finally...there she was. We kissed, we hugged, we beamed at each other and then we picked up a conversation that we left off twenty five years ago. It actually felt like a five minute interruption.

Stevie had been art director of Organ and then Ramparts Magazine and occasionally hired me to contribute photography. In other words she was my "boss." I love telling people that.

Eventually we shared some great times after business hours:
History - "She was my girlfriend."
Herstory - "He was a three date wonder."

Photo: Stephanie Farago in chair

Stephanie is a gifted artist, particularly on canvas and paper. Sometimes her canvas is her entire home. This is a haven you must see to believe. It's been featured in a popular book about people's unique dwellings. Can you believe she is also a digital film editor and filmmaker? Her latest undertaking is Lost in Venice...Again- a documentary depicting Carnivale in Venice and "those who live to celebrate."

There's even more to this wondergurl and you should find out yourself by checking in to her web hotel --> Artamuse. You'll be glad you did.

I am blessed to have her back in my life. We're still great buddies. The 400 miles that separates us doesn't seem to get in our way as we frequent each other's hometown, San Francisco and Los Angeles, for business and pleasure.

Shine on Stevie. Stay wonderful.


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