Margie,Paula, Steve and Anastasia

Margie, Paula, Steve and Anastasia

The "Electric Lotus" Wedding of Jackie and Francois ~ April 1968

Let's see. We have L to R Margie Emerson; Paula; Stephen Futral (Ish); Richie Weiner (back row) and Jean "Bean" Anastasia Teper with her nose in the flowers. While this wedding was taking place Yoko Ono was a waitress serving brown rice and seaweed around the corner at The Paradox (the worl'ds first macrobiotic restaurant) on 7th Street and 2nd Avenue in the East Village, NYC, USA.

On Dec. 16, 1995 I received this note...

"So, Bob...this is Ish and this (his note) all came about because Elysia told me she saw a photo of me at a friend's house on his fridge. How great to see all these flashes from the past..." Stephen Futral (Ish), Boulder, CO