The Electric Lotus

Circa 1967 ~ 6th Street off 2nd Avenue

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The Electric Lotus was:

A tribe

A light show

Our gathering place

A 2 year experiment in shared utmah A store that tried not to sell "out" A natural progression from the interior to the exterior an infinity machine A pallintine(all we needed was some X Mas lights, two spaghetti strainers and eyes forced wide open, dilated by the nighttime cosmic mysteries of the boge of yog)

A walk in and the floor goes flash fish under your feet steps on psychedelic high rise off dimethaltriptamine barber pole twirl inside head revved up fast into stellar consciousness A sacred place made holy in the belly of the riot beast fleeing frightened young hippies to a haven on the sixth street parallel universe of lamentations of love The Oum Ommmm chant still ringing in these pilgrim ears of Hank Berman.