The London Exhibit

July 15, 2008
London, U. K.

What a whirlwind week!

I became an appreciative guest of founder Hector Proud at his Idea Generation Gallery, where he and the IG team threw a jubilant, well attended "private viewing" opening for my work. Ensconced in London's hip and trendy Shoreditch district, an early entertainment rival of West End theatres, the "architecturally-stunning" gallery saw over 300 callers throughout the evening.

My grateful thanks to Account Director Manisha 'Mo' Ferdinand, Account Manager Ffion Williams, Account Executive Marcell Gardner, Account Director Anna Vinegrad, the lovely and lively Associate Director Kate Statham and of course accolades to Mr. Proud for his vision, warmth and largesse.

Idea Generation is also incredibly masterful at Public Relations and a plethora of media ensued. It was a swirl of interviews and resulting good press. Thank you England. Thank you Idea Generation PR Agency.

Press Release

The Times Newspaper (Personal column)

BBC Today Show

The Guardian (Short slide show with personal commentary)

The New Statesman

The Sunday Times Magazine ~ page 3 ~ page 4 ~ (Four page feature article in PDF form)

BBC The Robert Elms Show (9 min.)

Sky News

Open Magazine

The Guardian

Pop Photo

Sky News Slide Show

The London City News

Stampfli & Turci Art Dealers





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