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June, 2017

What follows is a personal scrapbook of words and pictures. When I started this journal as a cyber child, weekly entries flowed. This was before blog, when the web was young. Today the addition of new pages has relaxed from its original weekly output. We trust you'll still enjoy.

Signature: Robert Altman


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Lush Life Evening Doctor A Museum Senator Kenndey Miss Liberty
Facebook Tom Brokaw Thou Art Tete a Tete
Tammy Swamiji SF 60's Dr. Hip Ro Leary Exhibit Mimi Waters Keith BMG CD
Jagger Key West Madrid Granada Famous Crosby Torme Altamont Bonne St. Blue
Loggins Dreamin Anita Rimes Angels Century Slick Fountain Laurels Scotsman
Bread Cypress Anton Tina Salon Heaven Christies Santana Glover SOL-30
Friends Willie Book Legends Kingsbury Shooters Ro Leary Baez Kesey Hopper
Eiffel Paris Max Hank Lincoln Sherman Herb Kramer JHS 80 Bridge
Hooker JLewis BruceB SeaWall Barbara M Carousel Highway Cycle July 4 CritMass
Caen Spindell Andréa Primus Library Trolley Seder Anon Intensive Art
Madeline Marshall Joan DaMayor C Isaak Skerritt Brian Wizards Lemay Lisa
Model Cyborg Ball Opera Dr. Gene Susan Mermen B. Raitt Bleak St Beaver
Hollywd Virtual Cognac R. Hart St. James Chelle Flying CyberS Builders Mason
Martel Lemay Garcia PTN 2 Leary CyberTV Fariná ZifDavis CityHall Amanda
Le Gang Vivian Porteus Jessie Strike Vernier Desire Lodge Breakout Bryan
FireLine Mythos FireLine CyberTV Director Dr.Dean Shawn OpenBiz GuyKawa July 4

Please note that all of these photographs are Copyright © 2002 Robert Altman, All Rights Reserved. They are made available for your personal enjoyment only. Any other use without the express, prior written consent of Robert Altman is strictly prohibited.

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