Photo-  Oh Bartender...
Photo:© Robert Altman

"Oh Bartender...I was Almost Famous"

September 17, 2000

Several of my photographs appear in Cameron Crowe's great film 'Almost Famous.' They hang as portraits on the walls of the recreated Rolling Stone Magazine office, circa the early 1970's. Click for an enlargement which will open in a separate window. The original story of my visit to the set follows.

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August 9, 1999
San Francisco

Not in Kansas Anymore...Redux

Next week I'll be in Gollywood with my 'big brother', gumbah and predecessor at Rolling Stone Baron Wolman

We'll be guests of Dreamworks and their production team for the upcoming film "Almost Famous."

All of this tinsel La Di Da comes our way because one of our Rolling Stone brethren alumni- Cameron Crowe, has made good; very,very good (Jerry Maguire; Singles; Say Anything; Wild Life; Fast Times at Ridgemont High.)

Cameron's been busy directing a tale he knows best, a fable based on his own life, an (underage) fifteen year old savant writer who lands an unheard of plum Rolling Stone Assignment touring with Led Zeppelin.

So, here's where we come in. Next week, the production includes a recreation of the old Rolling Stone offices. Seems those walls need decoration...ergo. Baron and I have been tapped to contribute our glorious (cough) photography.

Can you see us wandering these halls? Spooky.

"It's dejá vu all over again and again and again."

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