With my Grandparents

With my sister Phyllis (left) and 2 Grandmothers and Grandfather Altman


Me in a stroller


In fromt of Penny Marshall's

Susie Schifren (left) and me with visor at 3235 Grand Concourse.
The awning in the background belonged to the family of film directors
Penny and Gary Marshall.


Roller Skate Races


Preparing for the NY Herald Tribune Newspaper roller skate races. They ran this shot in their paper.


Future Star

At a show created by Penny Marshall's mom Marjorie Marshall.


Boyhood pals at JHS 80

At JHS 80, Bronx NYC. Donny Newman, Barry Roberts (married actress Tanya Roberts,)
David H. (back)Roy Joselow, Victor Ross & Phillip. I'm in the front.


Floyd Patterson

My first ever attempt at photojournalism (taken with my Kodak Brownie!)
I was President of the Bronx Borough Student Council attending
an event at City Hall.

That's World Heavyweight Champion Floyd Patterson, 1960


Django Altman

At my flat on 69th and Central Park West...looking for a creative outlet. 1966.


Early photo Efforts

Early efforts with a camera in San Francisco.



Already a shooter, this is what it sometimes felt like covering a news event.


Early staff at Rolling Stone

Some of the early staff at Rolling Stone Magazine. That's me atop the bench on the right