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BLUE BELLYis a Blues/Funk power trio out of Marin County,CA. Our sound comes from years of listening to countless blues albums and live shows. We wanted to combine the familiarity of the blues form with the freedom groove of funk. We have over four hours of original and cover material. Originals blend the best of Texas-style boogie with the benifit of a phatfunk backbeat and our written by the whole band. Covers include standards as well as songs by Stevie Ray, ZZ Top, etc. We have a demo tape, mailing list , and a strong sense of responsibility that comes from our desire to play. We know how to behave at a gig (starting on time, listening to the bartenders, volume, encouraging tipping) and we know how to entertain. We wanted to make this brief,so if anything was left out when please let us know.

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