Ken Green (Krishna)

Ken Green

Ken ("Krishna") now lives in Bolder, Colo...recently left Nova Scotia and is an artist and producer of phantasmagorical multimedia. "Krish", a pedagogue of our crowd's spiritual and artistic quests, is one of the great people I have known. His bright blue eyes and sincere smile are lethal.

Lately Kenneth is up to his ears with work. "We are developing a CD-ROM called BARDO. It is based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. It is a co-production with the animation studio of the NFB (National Film Board of Canada.)"

* Update: After an absence of well over 15 years I just (9/4/96) had a joyful lunch with Kenneth and his lovely partner and bride Carolyn in San Francisco. Here's a. snapshot

For those who want to reach Ken you may contact him at his company
Windhorse Productions Incorporated.