Photo: Hank Berman, Jerry Bayer, Ken Wolman

Alan Binstock, Hank Berman, Jerry Bayer, Ken Wolman 1967

Ripped on psychedelics at one of the original Be-Ins in Central Park, NY

May 20, 2002

"I hope this note finds you in good spirit and health. We wanted to see if my web site registered on google and found an Easter Be-In photo with old buds Hank, Larry Vijay, Swamiji... and your web site. Glad to see your work and to "hear" you after so long. Last we spoke was in San Francisco in 1972, 73?

We first met in your brownstone via Jean "Bean" and Dicky Holland, after a hatha yoga class at West End Avenue. Heady times. These days I'm a sculptor and practice architecture at NASA and am still close to Swamiji, Integral yoga and the ashram in Virginia. Take a peek at the site I boiled my bio down to a few paragraphs, along with photos of work. Please link it to yours and say hello to Hank for me. I haven't spoken to him in many years."

Alan Binstock

Alan- your sculptures are breathtaking. Encroyable! You have magnificently self about enlightenment!