Photo: Jay Weiner

Jay Weiner

1947 ~ 2005

Woodstock, N.Y

"Jay was an outside the circle kind of man. Thought, acted, related, in mysterious circles of flight like some frightened sparrow who'd let you look but never touch.

He and Peter, if you take the wayback machine, were of a pair, like two members of the unknown side of tribal consciousness. They were there and they were not there. What did they see that frightened them so? What had they felt that let them tiptoe out of life?

Peter died first refusing food, water and electricity till the last cancer dog chewed out his lungs. Jay just ran and ran away into the quiet observing like quiver that he came from. There was soul, heart, love and pathos in there ....I know it.

He knew it too and that was the sadness of his story............."

Henry del Berman