Dave & Diane Hassin

Dave & Diane Hassin

"Vijay" and "Sri" ~ April 1968

*David and Diane are still married and I believe they continue to make films.

** Update: Oh well. That was then. Since this page went up I have heard Dave and Di went phffffft.

Maybe they bettah off?

*** News Flash:

Oct. 17, 1998

"Bob. Your page is the best flashback I've gotten in the longest time. Yes its true I'm divorced from Diane, after 23 years of marriage and three kids.

I just moved to SF in June with my wife Valerie and my two step kids. I spent 20 years wandering in the wilderness of small town New Engand life, I feel I've finally come home. I have lots of favorite movies and lots of good internal movies.

Your pix have brought some of the internal ones in better focus.


EMail David Hassin (Vijay) --> dhassin@slip.net

Welcome home Dave!!!