Pict of Marlene Kudren

Marlene Kudren

November 1968, The very lovely Marlene Kudren, my significant other and housemate. We met "cute" at a Safeway checkout counter. It had something to do with a kitten up for adoption. We moved into an idealic "inlaw" cottage on Chenery Street. I guess we didn't have much in the way of furniture.   Or clothes.

Marlene was blonde, blue eyed and Sagittarian, the second in a line of four blonde, blue eyed Sagittarians I loved and  lived with. Gosh, I even married one of them.

The last I heard about Marlene after we parted was that she left San Francisco with Stephen Gaskin's collective, which became "The Farm," to settle on their commune in Tennessee. I understand that this was one of the few successful communes to survive the 60's. (If anyone has information about Marlene please write to me.)

March 3, 2000

I knew Marlene Kudren on the Farm in TN. She was married to a guy named Alexander Panthos. They left in 1973. I'm not sure where they went after that.

John Coate

    Thanks John...ahhh the Web...the trail is hot again! -Robert

March 20, 2001

I just received this note from her friend who calls herself Jolly Jane. (opens in a separate window.)