Jane and Dr. Richard Roth

My cousin Richard Roth, brother to Joan and Peter, is a practicing cardiologist and lives with his lovely wife Jane in New City, New York, the same town as my sister Phyllis.

Richard has always been on the reticent side of garrulous, the complete antithesis of brother Peter.

Always fascinated with high tech gadgets, especially when they work, cousin Richard and I also share a love and fascination with cameras and computers. When we catch up at these family fetes that is usually where we land conversationally after the first "How are you?" I never tire explaining how Richard was one of the first to receive electroencephalogram faxes in his automobile, the better to early diagnose a patient's condition, whilst on his way to the hospital. I assume he did this at red light intervals and not while zooming on the New York State Throughway.

Jane is a practicing social worker and still finds time to raise their two sons David and Michael.

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